LWW Health Library

Database URL: https://proxy.westernu.edu/login?url=https://lwwhealthlibrary.com

Description: LWW Health Library contains electronic books covering topics in pharmacy, medical education, and osteopathic medicine. Users can also find videos about patient assessments, case documents that relate to e-book content, and images from e-book chapters.

Access: Western University of Health Sciences authorized users only. Remote access via the proxy server available for currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff of WesternU.

Subject Coverage:

  • Basic Sciences
  • Osteopathic Medicine
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences

Provider: OVID

License Information:

Authorized Users

“Authorized Users” means individual users of Subscriber who are authorized to access the Online Tools subscribed to hereunder from or through the Authorized Sites in accordance with the following, as applicable based upon Subscriber’s entity type(s):

Academic Institution: currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff of Subscriber, and authorized walk-in users, solely to the extent such enrolled students, faculty, staff and walk-in users (while such walk-in users are physically present at the Academic Institution) are accessing the Online Tools in accordance with the Permitted Use.

Authorized Sites

The authorized site covered in this license is Western University of Health Sciences only. For purposes of this Agreement, any individual users of institutions, associations or organizations (i) related or affiliated with Subscriber, or (ii) acquired by or merged with Subscriber during the term of this Agreement, will not be deemed “Authorized Users” without Ovid’s express written consent or unless expressly provided for in any applicable Order.

Permitted uses

“Permitted Use” means the limited purposes for which Authorized Users may use the Online Tools, specifically (i) online use of and access to the Online Tools for internal management, reference, education, research, and training purposes;

(ii) using the provided “print” and “save” functionality through the Platform for limited portions of the Online Tools;

(iii) for interlibrary loan (“ILL”) purposes, Subscriber will comply with Section 108 of the United States Copyright Act, provided that any electronic transmission for ILL purposes will be via a secure method, which method may not include electronic mail, and

(iv) such other uses as may be set forth or referenced in an applicable Order.

The Permitted Use for specific Online Tools may vary, and additional and/or different uses may be permitted if and to the extent specified in the applicable Order. The use of the Online Tools can be incorporated into course packs and ereserves only through the use of Jumpstarts. For purposes of this Agreement, “Jumpstarts” shall be defined as links from Subscriber’s Web pages to virtually any point within an Ovid session.

Restrictions on Use

Subscriber shall ensure that the Online Tools are accessed only by Authorized Users at or through Authorized Sites. Subscriber shall be responsible for all uses of the Online Tools by Authorized Users and the confidentiality and security of the passwords or other methods of authentication issued to Subscriber by Ovid.

Subscriber shall use reasonable efforts to ensure all Authorized Users are aware of the limitations and restrictions on the use of the Online Tools.

Subscriber shall not, and shall use reasonable efforts to ensure that its Authorized Users shall not,

  • (a) copy or duplicate, in whole or in substantial part, any Online Tools;
  • (b) distribute, transmit, publish, transfer or commercially exploit any Online Tool, in whole or in part;
  • (c) incorporate any part of the Online Tools in printed or electronic course or study packs, unless expressly permitted by the Permitted Use;
  • (d) use the Platforms or Online Tools to provide service bureau, time sharing, or similar services to third parties;
  • (e) reverse engineer, decompile or modify any Online Tool, in whole or in part;
  • (f) use the Platforms, the Online Tools or the information contained therein or results derived therefrom to develop any tools, products or services that could be competitive with the Platforms or any Online Tool or any other tools, products or services provided by Ovid or its affiliates;
  • (g) alter, remove, or otherwise hinder the delivery of any copyright, disclaimer, or other proprietary notice appearing in the Platforms or the Online Tools; or
  • (h) share or transfer any usernames or passwords

Remote Access

Subscriber may elect to use proxy servers to allow Authorized Users to access the applicable Online Tools remotely through the Authorized Sites. If Subscriber elects to provide such remote access, Subscriber will strictly limit such access only to Authorized Users through a secure method of user verification. Subscriber will promptly notify Ovid if it believes unauthorized access of an Online Tool has occurred.

Privacy Policy:

Full policy: https://tools.ovid.com/ovidtools/privacy-policy.html

Updated 8/3/21