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Micromedex Healthcare Series

Important Note: The Micromedex products are intended solely for the purpose of WesternU authorized users who are trained or training in the fields for which the product is being utilized. The products are not to be used for clinical purposes or emergency response purposes.

URL: https://proxy.westernu.edu/login?url=https://www.micromedexsolutions.com/micromedex2/librarian/

Access: Western University of Health Sciences authorized users only.

Provider: Thomson Micromedex


Drug Resources

  • DRUGDEX: Comprehensive drug details.
  • DRUG-REAX: Check for drug interactions.
  • IDENTIDEX: Identify loose tablets and capsules.
  • IV INDEX: Verify IV compatibility.
  • Index Nominum: International Drugs.
  • Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference: Drug information from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.
  • PDR: Facts on FDA-approved drugs.
  • POISINDEX: Identify and manage drug overdoses and toxicologic exposures.
  • REPRORISK: Evaluate human reproductive risks of drugs.
  • USP DI: Labeled and off-label drug uses.

Critical Emergency, Acute Care, and Disease Data

  • DISEASEDEX Emergency Medicine: Quick guidance for emergency care.
  • DISESEDEX General Medicine: Look up the best treatment practices.
  • TOMES: Evaluate hazard exposures.
  • VisualDx: Visually pinpoint diseases.
  • Lab Advisor: Monitor drug and therapeutic levels for labs.
  • Alternative Medicine Information
  • AltMedDex: Herbals, supplements, and alternative therapies.
  • AltMedDex Protocols: Blend conventional and alternative medicines.
  • International guidance on herbals: Herbal Medicines from the Royal Pharmaceutical Press.

License Information:

Authorized Users

Authorized Users are WesternU faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students.

Authorized Use

License grants a nonexclusive, nontransferable, limited license: (i) to distribute copies of the document produced using the Licensed Content to patients as either: (a) a reasonable number of printed copies per patient, or (b) an electronic copy made accessible to the patient in connection with their normal non-commercial activities; and (ii) to modify information content within the functionality of such Licensed Content. The Licensed Content is intended solely for demonstration purposes, for the purpose of training students in the use of the Licensed Content, and for clinical or emergency response services if the user is not compensated in any way for providing such services.

Privacy Policy:

Will only disclose to unaffiliated third parties:

  • – Who perform a service for Truven Health Analytics, but they are forbidden to use personal information for their own purposes
  • – As required by law
  • – In connection with the transfer of assets of their business

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