Printing Services

Black-and-white and color printing is available in the Library and in the Student Common areas across campus. Printing in these areas is associated with an online student account system called Pharos.

Printers in the Library

The printer is located in the basement of the library. To access your account for printing or adding money, you will use your network login. 

Purchasing prints

You can use cash at the library circulation desk or add money online (for a fee) at “My Print Center”

The cost for printing is:

Type Cost
 Single Page – B&W  $0.10/page
 Double-side – B&W  $0.19
 Single page – Color  $0.65/page
 Double-side – Color  $1.25
 Scan and email  No charge

Pharos Help

For more information on printing, please visit the WesternU Pharos Support page

Terms of Use for Printing Accounts-Effective August 1, 2010

Responsibility for Charges

Students are responsible for all printing charges incurred by computers linked to your WesternU Print Management account. If charges exceed your available balance you will not be able to print until you deposit more funds.

It is your responsibility to know the rates charged for printing/copying and to keep track of your pending print/copy jobs. When the job you submit prints, resources are consumed – even if you’re not there to pick it up. No credits will be issued for jobs printed by mistake or which do not have the appearance you expected – preview your jobs before submitting them. Use the Print Kiosk to list print jobs or cancel your pending print jobs.

In the event of hardware failure (toner streaking or running out, paper jam resulting in a torn or partially printed page), you must bring the failed pages to the Circulation Desk in the Library for verification within 24 hours of the incident to be issued a credit.


Deposits are Non-Refundable

Deposits to your print management account are non-refundable. Only deposit an amount you expect to use during your time here at WesternU.