What is it?

The Art of Bovine Auscultation is a multi-media program that teaches you how to interpret cardiac, respiratory and gastrointestinal sounds in cattle.


How do I access the programs?

Online access (VetMed only)

Requirements: Use a computer with the Citrix client installed (recommended). If not installed, you will be prompted to install after you login. 


  1. Go to https://access.westernu.edu
  2. Log in with your WesternU username (without @westernu.edu) and password
  3. If prompted, install the required Citrix receiver. The apps will not run without it. 
  4. From the top, select Apps
  5. Select the app: Bovine_Auscultation.  This will download the app.
  6. If you receive a CD error message that says to enter a password, close the window.