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Research Facilities

Description of Research Facilities

WesternU CVM laboratory spaces are strategically located in three separate buildings, all within walking distance of each other, on the WesternU Pomona campus, facilitating seamless collaboration and access. These facilities serve as vital hubs supporting our diverse research faculty engaged in a broad spectrum of research ranging from basic to clinical, and translational research. They provide advanced equipment, specialized labs, and collaborative spaces that empower our faculty researchers, and their technical support, to pursue innovative solutions and breakthroughs across various disciplines.


HEC on WesternU Pomona campus from esplanade

Research Spaces in the HEALTH EDUCATION CENTER (HEC)

Situated within the Health Education Center (HEC) on the east side of campus, the HEC WesternU Main Lab serves as the central hub for collaborative research across all Colleges. It offers a dynamic and supportive environment for diverse scientific investigations, promoting cutting-edge discoveries and interdisciplinary collaboration. This state-of-the-art facility is designed to meet the evolving needs of researchers, promoting cutting-edge discoveries and advancements.
  • CVM Main Lab

    The main hub for research and collaboration amongst Colleges on this end of campus. Key equipment includes -20ºC and -80ºC Freezers, Analytical Balances, RealTime PCR, Flow Cytometry Attune NxT, NanoDrop Lite, AKTA Pure L25 for protein purification, and more. This lab provides a collaborative space with state-of-the-art tools for diverse research needs.

  • CVM WesternU Shared Equipment

    This area includes essential equipment that is shared amongst the Colleges on campus such as a -80ºC Freezer, Acid and Corrosive Storage Cabinet, Autoclave, Confocal and Fluorescence Microscopes, Humidified CO2 Incubators, Fume Hoods, Ice Machine, Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tanks, Odyssey Infrared Imaging System, and an Ultra-pure Water System. These resources support a wide range of experimental needs and foster collaborative research efforts.

  • CVM Lab Room

    Our lab room is designed to support a variety of research techniques. It houses essential equipment such as: Centrifuges, Refrigerated Centrifuges, various PCR systems, a Mastercycler Pro S, NanoDrop Lite, Heat Blocks, Water Baths, a 96 Well Plate Bioshaker, Analytical Balances, Fridges/Freezers, -80ºC Freezer, Spectrometers, and more. These rooms provide the necessary tools for molecular biology, biochemistry, and general lab work.

  • CVM Cell Culture Room

    This room is dedicated to the isolation and culture of cells. It features CO2 Humidified Incubators, Biosafety Cabinets Class II, Fluorescent and Phase Microscopes, Water Baths, Inverted Microscopes, and Combo Fridge-Freezers, ensuring a controlled environment for delicate cell culture work.

  • CVM Bacteria Room

    The bacteria room is equipped to support microbiological research with Refrigerator Incubator Shakers, Bacteria Incubators and Shakers, Inverted Light Microscopes, an Oven, and an Anaerobic Incubator/Workstation. This specialized room ensures the ideal conditions for bacterial growth and analysis.

  • CVM Bioinformatic Core Equipment

    The Bioinformatics Core Center provides researchers with high-performance workstations equipped with advanced bioinformatics software and hardware. This space supports data-intensive research with Linux Bioinformatics Computers and a high-load Network Switch, facilitating complex computational analyses.

  • The Rodney P. Wineberg Center at WesternU.


    The Rodney Wineberg Center for Research (RWC) located on the west side of the campus comprises a shared research area that is subdivided into different departmental laboratories. Within this area lies the WesternU Shared laboratory space with shared equipment throughout, and the CVM dedicated laboratory space designed to allow for standard molecular assays related to molecular biology, immunology and gene expression. CVM researchers have access to a cell culture room connected to the CVM laboratory space, and an additional three CVM research cell culture rooms connected to the WesternU shared lab space.
  • CVM Main Lab

    The Main Laboratory at RWC is equipped for advanced scientific research with tools such as the Agilent Bioanalyzer, Qbit Fluorometer, Sequencer, and Mastercyclers. It also includes essential equipment like refrigerated centrifuges, biosafety cabinets, and microplate readers for diverse experimental needs.

  • WesternU RWC Shared Equipment

    The Shared Equipment Area at RWC provides access to critical tools such as -80°C freezers, autoclaves, and a spectrophotometer. It supports collaborative research efforts with facilities for real-time PCR, gel documentation, and sterile sample handling.

  • CVM Cell Culture Rooms

    WesternU CVM has a total of 4 Cell Culture Rooms at this location. They are specialized environments designed for the maintenance and study of cell cultures. The rooms are equipped with items such as biosafety cabinets ensuring sterile work conditions, CO2 incubators for maintaining optimal growth conditions, and fluorescence cell counters for accurate cell counting. Researchers have access to inverted microscopes for detailed observation of cell cultures, various centrifuges for sample processing, and incubators for specific growth requirements. Additional equipment includes vortexers for mixing, balances for precise measurements, and vacuum pumps for filtration and aspiration, all essential for cell culture research.


    Research space in the Veterinary Pathology Center (VPC)

    Histology sections can be processed and stained in the pathology laboratory in Veterinary Pathology Center (VPC) located in a building adjacent to Veterinary Clinical Center (VCC), on the same campus.

    Research space in the WesternU Pet Health Center (PHC)

    The WesternU Pet Health Center (PHC) is located mid-campus and is connected to the VCC. The PHC currently houses a non-invasive clinical animal research lab. This space holds facilities provides equipment such as an Instrumented Treadmill, dedicated computers, and several workspaces for researcher focus.