College of Veterinary Medicine

Extramural Research Opportunities for Students

NIH Sponsored Opportunities

NIH T35 Summer Research Training for Veterinary Students

Summer Internships at NIH
Summer Internship Program In Biomedical Research (SIP)


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Research training opportunities for veterinary students at CDC
The Epidemiology Elective Program for Senior Medical and Veterinary Students


Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)

HHMI Medical Research Fellows Program enables medical, dental, and veterinary students at schools located in the U.S. to spend a year conducting basic, translational, or applied biomedical research at any academic or nonprofit research institution in the United States, except federal government agencies. HHMI will award 60 fellowships in 2015. Note: students applying to the program in their 4th year must defer graduation as those who have already received their professional degree are not eligible to participate.

Fellows will receive a $32,000 stipend; a $5,500 fellow’s allowance for health, dental and vision insurance and some education-related expenses; and a $5,500 research allowance for research-related enrichment activities and some research costs.


Other Opportunities