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The application period for the 2021 opportunity is now closed.

PetSmart Student Research Program Mission:

The goals of this research grant funding is to foster education, study and research into ‘Spectrum of Care,’ ‘Access to Care,’ ‘Incremental Care,’ and ‘Community Medicine’ as it pertains to veterinary medicine. It seeks to document the findings of said research, then circulate and promote the findings of research to allow for broader understanding of this important aspect of veterinary medicine.

This program gives veterinary students hands-on exposure to veterinary medical research aimed at studying or reducing barriers to veterinary care in client-owned animals in the United States (and territories) or Canada for non-equine companion animals, such as dogs, cats, non-poultry birds, reptiles or pocket pets. Barriers to veterinary care may include language, transportation, socioeconomic, cultural, or other barriers.


The Program:

PetSmart Charities Veterinary Scholars program awards stipends to veterinary students focusing on shelter medicine or human-animal bond areas of research. All research projects must have Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) approval if live animals (including shelter or client-owned animals) are involved in the project.


Expectations and support:

Each scholar receives a stipend of $6,500 and must be fully engaged in research for 10-week to 12-week period.

Scholars are expected to attend all group training opportunities (workshops and field trips) offered by the program.

Scholars will be required to present a poster at the Boehringer Ingelheim National Veterinary Scholar Symposium (NVSS) meeting scheduled at the end of the summer, and attend a national research network event to be hosted by PetSmart. Registration fees, travel costs and poster preparation will be covered for 

Individual projects should enable the student research scholar to formulate a testable hypothesis, identify specific objectives, conduct research, interpret data and present their findings in the form of an abstract and/or poster. 


Application process:

Student eligibility:

Students must have completed at least one year of a DVM curriculum, be currently enrolled, and in good academic standing at their University. 

The student must be in good academic standing, able to complete the research within the veterinary summer research program year that they apply for, have endorsement from a responsible mentor faculty advisor, and a proposed research project consistent with the Foundation’s mission.


Submitting your application:

Students applying for PetSmart Charities Veterinary Scholars program should to apply directly to the PetSmart Charities website with the support of their mentor and the Dean of CVM.

Students must then send a copy of their submission, and confirmation email, directly to CVM Research.


Selection process:

Applications for the PetSmart Charities Veterinary Scholars Program are screened and selected directly by PetSmart.