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Welcome Week

Admitted Students

Congratulations And Welcome To The WesternU Family

We are excited for you to join the College of Optometry in Fall 2024! In the meantime, be sure to complete the items on your “To-Do Before Orientation” list and utilize the resources provided below to prepare for your arrival on campus.

It is essential that you regularly check your WesternU e-mail account (once assigned) as all reminders and follow-up from the University will be sent through this account (including financial aid, registration and final admission requirements information).

Student wearing face mask peering into optometry laser

Accepting Our Offer

If you haven’t already, you can accept your offer of admission by visiting your application status page. Once you have logged into your application and viewed your offer letter, a ‘Reply to Offer of Admission’ link will appear on your status page. The deadline for accepting your offer will be listed directly below the link. Click on the link and review/accept the terms of your offer of admissions. After you have accepted our offer of admission, the enrollment deposit payment link will be available (if applicable). Your deposit deadline (s) will also appear directly below the enrollment deposit payment link.

Again, congratulations and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Your WesternU Support Team
  • “To-Do” Before Orientation

    We understand that receipt and submission of these documents and clearances may be delayed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    We encourage you to submit as soon as you have your documents collected to allow adequate time for review and processing. You will be notified by email when your documents have been received and if any additional information is required.

    At this time, students should try to have all health clearance documents submitted on or before June 2, 2024. Please communicate with the Student Employee Health Office should you need additional time to submit your documents.

  • WesternU E-Mail/Portal

    After you have accepted our offer and paid your first deposit, you will be assigned a WesternU e-mail account. Once your account is created, your account information will be available on your application status page. It is essential that you regularly check your WesternU e-mail account (once assigned) as all reminders and follow-up from the University will be sent through this account (including financial aid, registration and final admission requirements information). Your WesternU e-mail account login will also provide you access to the Student Portal, and Blackboard. Please note that Blackboard accounts will not be available for incoming students until at least one week prior to the start of classes.

  • Class Registration

    Registration for incoming students typically takes place July 1 – July 31. You will need to complete all outstanding admissions requirements (see “To-Do before Orientation” list above) before you will be able to register for classes. Registration information will be sent to your WesternU e-mail address just prior to the start of classes. During registration, you will also be required to provide proof of active health insurance coverage. Additional information on the University’s health insurance coverage requirements can be found on the Registrar’s website.

    Website Resources and Who to Contact with Questions

    Website Resource/Topic Contact With Questions
    Student Portal Access Instructions Information Technology
    Student Portal Password Issues Registrar
    Calendar: Class Schedule and Spring Break College of Optometry
    Academic Calendar: Includes Holidays and Winter Break University Student Affairs
    Clubs and Student Interest Groups University Student Affairs
    Counseling Services College of Optometry
    Financial: Award Letters and Check Disbursements Financial Aid
    Financial: Budgets/Tuition, Fees, etc. Financial Aid
    Financial: How to Apply for Financial Aid Financial Aid
    Financial: How to Finance Your Education Financial Aid
    Fitness Memberships University Student Affairs
    Health Insurance University Student Affairs
    Housing: Learn about the recommended luxury and convenient housing option, the Daumier University Student Affairs
    Immunization, Health History & Physical Examination forms (PDF) Student-Employee Health Center
    Laptop Setup For Use at WesternU Information Technology
    Laptop Technical Requirements Information Technology
    Library Information and Services Reference & Outreach Department
    Orientation/Welcome Week: Event Information University Student Affairs
    Orientation/Welcome Week: Excused Activity Absence College of Optometry
    Orientation/Welcome Week: Tickets Maria Espinosa
    Registration Registrar
    Technical Support Information Technology
    WesternU E-mail: Access Issues Information Technology


  • Summer Preparedness And Readiness Course

    The Summer Preparedness and Readiness Course (SPaRC) is a five-week program generally held in June and July, before the start of the academic year in August. SPaRC familiarizes incoming students with the “WesternU Way” while preparing them for their program in a supportive, low-stress, interprofessional setting.

    SPaRC courses introduce students to foundational material pertinent to their program of study. Instruction emphasizes the key basic principles in each program. SPaRC prepares incoming students by providing an overview of applicable basic medical science courses, efficient academic learning skills, and wellbeing competencies.

    Participating programs include: College of Osteopathic Medicine (DO), Department of Physician Assistant Studies (MSPA), Department of Physical Therapy (DPT), College of Optometry (OD), College of Podiatric Medicine (DPM), and the College of Dental Medicine (DMD).

    For further information about SPaRC, please contact the program Director: Dr. Hector Arroyo at (909) 469-8499, or visit our SPaRC page.

  • Issues That Could Prevent Your Enrollment As A Student

    The College reserves the right to withdraw its offer of admission for any of the following reasons:

    • any of the information submitted in the application or other materials submitted in support of the application is materially inaccurate, false or misleading;
    • any event occurs subsequent to the College’s offer of admission that is inconsistent with the college’s standards of professional conduct, which may include, but is not limited to (a) any act of cheating or other academic dishonesty; (b) any conduct that would constitute a felony or misdemeanor crime (regardless of whether such conduct has resulted in any criminal charge or conviction); or (c) any other conduct that adversely affects the applicant’s reputation or standing in the academic community.