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Edward Wagner, PhD, Associate Professor of Physiology Department of Basic Medical Sciences, COMP studies the synaptic and hormonal determinants underlying the hypothalamic control of energy balance. Photos are in part for the Western Diabetes Institute (WDI).

Student Research Symposium

2022 COMP-Northwest Student Research Symposium Posters


David Beckett*, Sarah Thomas*, Graham Gingas*, Matt Agsalud*, and Brian M. Wasko, Ph.D.

Monica Pan, B.S., Megan Chang, B.A., Stephanie Maeda, B.A. Belinda McCully, Ph.D., Megan Lafferty, Ph.D., Qian Leng M.D., M.P.H.

Antimicrobial Resistance of Escherechia coli in local watersheds: a One Health Approach

Michelle McCorkell, Nathalie Villegas, Brianna Beechler, Michelle Steinauer, Rhea Hanselmann, Kacy Woodley

Megan Forgie, OMS-II*, Kevin Hare, OMS-II*, Alex Jonson, OMS-II*, Fiona Lane, OMS-II*, Michelle Riedel, OMS-II*, Anna Hardin, PhD

Cardiac Autonomic Dysfunction in a Carcinoid Tumor Mouse Model

Sydney Kuehn BS OMS-II1*, Sofia Penrose BS OMS-II1*, Rodney F. Pommier MD FACS2, Belinda H. McCully PhD1

Justin Ng1*, OMS-II, Cesar Cornejo Ochoa1*, OMS-II, Allison Modesette1*, OMS-II, Truman Chun2, DO PGY-2, Jasmeet Kaur2, DO PGY-2, Jenny Tran2, DO, Barry Smith2, MD

Dietary Predictors of Injury on a Multi-day Wilderness Event for Adolescents and Adult Leaders

Jordyn Lacey BS OMS21, Natalie Finlinson BS OMS21, Daniel Christensen BS2, Julian Chan PhD2, Scott Moore DO FACLM DipIBLM3

Kathryn E. McAnnis OMSIII, Madeline Hay, DO, Parisa Emami-Naeini, MD

Does Obstructive Sleep Apnea Lead to Worse Outcomes in Patients Undergoing Elective Colectomy: A Retrospective Case-Control Study

Cesar O. Cornejo Ochoa1*, OMS-II, Todd Hinsch1*, OMS-II, Greta Brown1*, OMS-II, Kristin Lipe2, DO, Maycee Gielow2, DO, Edie Sperling1,3, PT, DPT, OSC

Lauren Eaton BS, Tanner Mooney BA, Kendall Lucara BS, Belinda McCully PhD

Factors Influencing Fitness Performance in Rural Volunteer and Professional Firefighters

Adam Hall OMS-IV, Tyler Johnson OMS- II, Max Jette OMS-III, Robin Faulkner OMS-III, Cailin Johnson OMS-III, David Ile OMS III, Lt. Russel Duerr LFD, Dr. Elisabeth Guenther, MD

Fiona Lane, OMS-II, Kelsey Morris, OMS-III, Hindi Stohl MD JD, Anita Nelson, MD

Immunologic Gene Expression in the Snail Vector Biomphalaria sudanica Post-Exposure to the Parasite, Schistosoma mansoni

Ashleigh Calcote*1, Erica Fuller*1, Yijia Xiong1, Tom Pennance1, George Owino2, Maurice Odiere2, Michelle Steinauer1

Investigating the Experiences of Racism and Sexism Among Asian American and Pacific Islander Women Healthcare Workers

Stephanie Maeda, BA, Megan Chang, BA, Monica Pan, BS, Belinda McCully, PhD, Megan Lafferty, PhD, Qian Liya Leng, MD, MPH

Cesar Cornejo Ochoa1, OMS-II, Irisa Arney1, PhD, Jason Massey2, PhD

Neuropathological Examination of O6-Methylguanine Methyltransferase (MGMT) in Western Pacific ALS/PDC

David Beckett, OMS-II1, Heaton Oakes, OMS-II1, Jessica Mazzi, OMS-III1, Randy Woltjer, MD2, Peter Spencer, PhD3; Michael Pollanen, MD4, Glen Kisby, PhD1

Joshua Trapp OMS I; Johannie Spaan PhD; Tom Pennance PhD; Michelle Steinauer PhD

Reducing Microaggressions and Improving Inclusivity for Asian-American Women in Health Care: A Qualitative Study

Megan Chang, B.A., Monica Pan, B.S., Stephanie Maeda, B.A., Belinda McCully, Ph.D., Megan Lafferty, Ph.D., Qian Leng, M.D., M.P.H.

Training adequacy and confidence level for caring for population with disability among american medical students

Lauren Eaton, Tanner Mooney, Kendall Lucara, Katherine Andrews, Johannie Spaan Ph, Sebastien Fuchs MD, PhD.

Alexa Rae Churan*1, Erica Fuller*1, Jeremy Wood*1, Nicole Sims1, Sydney Kuehn1, Tammie McQuistan1, Tom Pennance, PhD1, Johannie Spaan, PhD1, Yijia Xiong, PhD1, Belinda McCully, PhD1, Michelle Steinauer, PhD1