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Fitness and Gyms

Discounts on Fitness & Gyms for WesternU Students & Employees

The following businesses have partnered with WesternU to provide great discounts to WesternU Students and employees.


How to get reimbursed for your fitness membership:


Disclaimer: Students are only eligible for fitness reimbursement for a non-LA Fitness/SamFit gym membership.

Academic Year 2019-2020


Lebanon Racquetball & Fitness

Full fitness facility with 24 hours service. Offers an annual membership for $100. Available for all students, staff, and spouses. (541) 223-8401.

Ringside Rehab

Ringside Rehab is pleased to offer WesternU students and staff 2 week of free Martial arts lessons (Boxing, Kickboxing and Karate) significant savings on one time registration fee! Save 25% by providing your WesternU ID when you register. For information regarding available products, go to www.ringsiderehab.com or please call 541 223 2090 and leave a message and our Staff will be happy to call you back. We are Celebrating our 5th year at this location and our 35th year producing Champions in Karate, Kickboxing and Boxing at the Local, State, Regional, National, International and World Level of Competition!! Most of our money after bills are paid, will be used for Team memberships (Children and Adults) and Travel to allow members to travel all over the World. Unlike many gyms in the area we are trying to give back and help the youth of Lebanon, Oregon achieve their dreams and stay out of trouble.



  • Deadline to purchase – September 1, 2019. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please refer to the Fitness Benefits page for information on enrolling in a SamFit membership and receiving a reimbursement.


  • No deadline to purchase. Contact Human Resources to learn about WesternU’s reimbursement program, or visit the Wellness Incentive Plan page for prices and how to purchase.
    (541) 451-6990