The mission of the RAC is to enhance and strengthen the research at the CVM.

The RAC advises the Associate Dean for Research on all matters related to faculty and student research at the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM). Its mission is to enhance and strengthen College research. The RAC includes five members (three elected by the Faculty and two appointed by the Dean).

The committee achieves its mission by providing advice and acting as a resource for:

  1. Promoting/organizing research seminars/programs
  2. Recommending to the Associate Dean for Research the use of internal research funds assigned by the College to the RAC
  3. Serving as a research liaison to Western University Administration
  4. Developing liaisons with other research institutions outside of Western University
  5. Serving as a resource for reviewing student grant proposals
  6. Peer-review of faculty grant proposals
  7. Reviewing faculty requests for publication cost reimbursement and travel costs related to presentation of research results

The current RAC bylaws can be found here.

In addition, the RAC provides financial support to CVM faculty related to:

  • Purchasing and maintaining of research equipment (new or replacement) used by multiple faculty members
  • Publication cost reimbursement
  • Printing costs for scientific poster
  • Travel costs of CVM faculty giving podium presentations of research data at national/international meetings
  • Travel expenses of speakers invited to lecture at the CVM

 The RAC does not financially support:

  • Travel expenses of faculty for continuing education meetings
  • Disposable material for specific research projects
  • Student stipends

 We invite CVM faculty interested in submitting requests to the RAC to review the following files:

 **** MAC user must use Adobe Reader (download here) to complete the following forms. ****

The current members of the RAC (2020-2021) are:

Administrative assistance is provided by: CVM Research Office –