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Central Receiving

Our Purpose

The Central Receiving Department is designed to be used specifically for processing WesternU business-related incoming and outgoing package (including mailroom services). The University does not assume responsibility or liability for personal items sent or received by the Central Receiving Department. Also, the Central Receiving Department highly advises against sending any cash or any material that conflicts with the University Code of Conduct, University policies, and/or federal, state, or local laws and ordinances.

Services provided by the Central Receiving Department:

  1. Accept custody of all incoming packages/parcels delivered via common carrier (i.e. FedEx, UPS, Amazon Logistics (AMZL), On-Trac, DHL, freight, etc).
  2. Provide “Proof of Custody Release” documents upon campus request.
  3. Same day delivery of PO-related packages to campus.
  4. Same day delivery of all PCC-related packages directly to PCC.

Services not provided by the Central Receiving Department:

  1. Un-boxing, un-crating, set-up or moving equipment after initial delivery.
  2. Provide packaging materials.
  3. Accept, handle, or deliver personal outgoing or incoming packages.
  4. Delivery of non-PO related items to campus users. These items are to be picked up at the Central Receiving Dock at 701 East 2nd Street.
  5. Delivery of “Controlled Substances” to campus.
  6. WesternU accounts and discount structure with FedEx, DHL, UPS or any other contracted commercial carrier or messenger service may not be used for personal packages.

Verifying Delivery for Invoice Payments:

In order to maintain an excellent credit rating, WesternU requires that vendors must ship all incoming supplies and equipment through WesternU Central Receiving Department in order to be paid in accordance with the vendor payment terms. Because the University observes a three (3) way match payment procedure (PO, Banner Receipt, Invoice), it is imperative that the Central Receiving Department match an incoming shipment to a previously authorized purchase order as a Banner Receiver. Hence, it is not acceptable for vendors to be contracted to provide supplies, equipment, and services without an authorized purchase order issued by the Purchasing Department. Without a purchase order, a receiver cannot be issued nor can an invoice by paid by Accounts Payable.

Acceptance of Controlled Substances:

  • All requests for controlled substances must be processed through Elixir by the DEA license holder. The DEA license holder must attach a copy of their DEA license to each and every transaction and select a commodity code of “1 – Controlled Substances”.
  • For each Elixir line item containing a controlled substance, the line item description must include, at a minimum: 1) controlled “substance” name; 2) DEA number; 3) CSA Schedule; and 4) whether the substance is a narcotic (narcotic or non-narcotic). All the information just mentioned appears in the file I have attached that is now a part of your desktop or desk copy.
  • Purchasing Services personnel will review every line item to ensure that the Elixir request has been properly coded and that the proper documentation is included.
  • Purchasing Services personnel will preface each Elixir transaction number with “CS” in the “Ship-to/Attention”.
  • Upon delivery of a controlled substance to 701 East 2nd Street by a common carrier, Central Receiving will not transfer the controlled substance to the user as there is too much risk of corrupting the custody trail. Central Receiving will log the delivery into Airtable and notify the user by phone or email to come to the loading dock and “sign and release custody” of the controlled substance. In the meanwhile, the controlled substance will be secured and locked in a cabinet.

Acceptance of Hazardous Materials:

FedEx and other commercial carriers have very clear guidelines for the shipment of hazardous materials. Central Receiving follows those guidelines and makes every attempt to ensure that hazardous materials are clearly marked and suitable for custody release. In certain cases, additional permits and/or documentation and/or training on DOT and IATA regulations may be required

If a hazardous material has been damaged in transit and is visible to Central Receiving, it will not be delivered to campus or accepted from the common carrier. The Office of

Environmental Health and Safety should be immediately contacted if any subsequent breach of packaging results in the leakage of hazardous materials. Please contact the respective customer service departments of the commercial carriers for additional information on shipping hazardous materials.


Returns or repairs related to items obtained under a University Purchase Order must be coordinated through Purchasing (Email: Unless otherwise instructed, do not bring these to the Central Receiving Department.


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