Osteopathic Recognition is a designation conferred by the ACGME’s Osteopathic Principles Committee upon ACGME-accredited programs that demonstrate, through a formal application process, the commitment to teaching and assessing Osteopathic Principles and Practice (OPP) at the graduate medical education level.


The Office of Graduate Medical Education at the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific (COMP) is dedicated to promoting the integration of OPP into graduate medical education programs. The Director of Osteopathic Recognition aids ACGME-accredited programs interested in achieving Osteopathic Recognition. This includes assistance with the formal application process and identifying the resources necessary for resident education and clinical faculty development. The Director of Osteopathic Recognition and COMP faculty are also available to participate in resident education and clinical faculty development once a program receives accreditation for osteopathic recognition.


COMP has aided with obtaining osteopathic to the following graduate medical education programs:



Resources for Osteopathic Recognition