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Resident Forum – OPTI-West Virtual Forum with Slack (Ask Resident Representative)

All GME residents are invited to participate in a formal platform to communicate with each other in a collegial environment.  Slack will be used as the virtual forum available to all OPTI‐West residents and fellows.

Slack is intended as a virtual office workspace where a team can gather to communicate and/or collaborate as a group. Slack is web‐based, and available on all devices including cell phones and/or tablets via the Slack APP.

Slack has features that include chat/email, direct messaging, voice call, video chat and share screens. Users have ability to drag and drop PDFs, images, videos and other files directly into the program and share them instantly with other residents or residency programs.

Slack offers “channels” that can be used by residents/fellows to communicate securely with other residents/fellows across all OPTI‐West residency programs. Channels can be organized around anything ‐‐ a topic, project, location, even a specific residency program or specialty.

All dialogue will be confidential.

Contact with your DIO

On a quarterly basis, the OPTI‐West DIO will host a virtual town hall open to all OPTI‐West residents for the purpose of sharing information and concerns.

Zoom will be the platform used for the virtual meeting with the OPTI‐West DIO and all OPTI‐West residents.

 Other means to communicate includes directly contact the DIO at