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Elected Committees

The Academic Senate is responsible for administering annual elections to the various faculty elected committees of the University and to the Academic Senate. Ordinarily, elections of faculty members are held in May and the tenure of service begins July 1 and terminates June 30th, in the last year of their term. The Vice Chair is responsible for soliciting and receiving nominations to elected committees and the Academic Senate. Each full-time faculty member must be given adequate opportunity to nominate himself/herself to any committee, based on the restrictions listed in Section IV, C, #4.

Standing and special committees of the Academic Senate are formed as determined by the Academic Senate.

Elected Committees

  • Faculty Senate

    3 year term, 2 members per college

    Members Length of Term Colleges
    Chair – Hyma Gogineni 2023-2026 COP
    Vice Chair – Yadi Fernandez Sweeny 2023-2026 COMP
    Past Chair – Raj Kandpal 2023-2026 COMP
    Acting Past Chair – Malika Kachani CVM
    Jeffrey Oyama 2023-2026 CDM
    Brian Chui 2021-2024 CDM
    Khoa (Joey) Dang 2021-2024 CGN
    Patricia Shakhshir 2022-2025 CGN
    Janet Konecne 2021-2024 CHS
    Michael Granado 2022-2025 CHS
    Anu Raisanen 2023-2026 CHS-NW
    Pinakin Davey 2023-2026 CO
    Vishwanath Venketaraman 2022-2025 COMP
    Yadi Fernandez-Sweeny 2023-2026 COMP
    Brion Benninger 2022-2025 COMP-NW
    Peter Oelschlaeger 2023-2026 COP
    David Min 2023-2026 COP
    Mary Schuh-Clark 2023-2026 CPM
    Saba Sadra 2021-2024 CPM
    Babak Faramarzi 2022-2025 CVM
    Yvonne Drechsler 2022-2025 CVM
    Alternative Senators:
    Laura Murphy CHS
  • Senate Committees

    *Denotes Committee Chair
    **Denotes Ex-officio (Provost’s nominees)

    Members University Faculty Affairs Academic Standards and Policy Academic Support Services and Planning
    1 Peter Oelschlaeger Vishwanath Venketaraman Janet Konecne
    2 Michael Granado Yvonne Drechsler Patricia Shakhshir
    3 Jeffrey Oyama Brian Chui Brion Benninger
    4 Yadi Fernandez-Sweeny Khoa (Joey) Dang Pinakin Davey
    5 Raj Kandpal Anu Raisanen Babak Faramarzi
    6 Saba Sadra David Min Mary Schuh-Clark
    7 Hyma Gogineni
    8 Malika Kachani
    Ex Officio
  • Library Committee

    2 year term, 1 per college

    Members Length of Term Colleges
    Karen Matgsumura-Lem 2023-2025 CDM
    Dawn Stone 2022-2024 CGN
    Amber Singletary 2022-2024 CHS
    Nicole Biltz 2023-2025 CHS-NW
    Nataly Fahim 2023-2025 CO
    Katherine Mitsouras 2022-2024 COMP
    Anthony Sengul 2023-2025 COP
    Adrienne Estes 2023-2025 CPM
  • Research Committee

    3 year term, 1 per college, 3 at-large

    Members Length of Term Colleges
    Harshavardhan Deoghare 2021-2024 CHS
    Hendrik Szumant 2022-2025 COMP
    Bradley Andresen 2022-2025 COP
    Yvonne Drechsler 2021-2024 CVM
    Patricia Shakhshir 2021-2024 CGN
    Naveen Yadav 2023-2026 CO
    Zohra Tumur 2021-2024 CDM
    Rebecca Moellmer 2023-2026 CPM
    Anu Raisanen 2021-2024 CHS-NW
    Lyna Luo 2023-2026 AT LARGE (COP)


  • Grievance Committee

    3 year term, 5 members elected at-large

    Members Length of Term
    Peter Oelschlaeger, COP Associate Professor (TENURED) 2023-2026
    Mihai Covasa, COMP Professor (TENURED) 2022-2025
    Mohammed Elsalanty, COMP Professor (TENURED) 2021-2024
    Preeti Kotha Assistant Professor 2022-2025