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MEDWell is an acronym that stands for: Mindfulness, Exercise and Diet through Work, Engagement and Lifelong Learning.

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Promoting Wellness MEDWell Events & Resources

Wellness is not a program; it is a culture. Our health does not have a starting or stopping point, we live our lives in our bodies 24 hours a day. MEDWell was born out of the desire to help you maintain your global health while you navigate this difficult and rewarding experience called medical school.
We offer various opportunities to promote a healthy lifestyle as well as embed wellness sessions within each conference week.
Please visit the items below for a variety of ongoing activities and recorded events and resources.
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  • Nutrition in Medicine (NiM) Lecture Series

    The NiM series is now, and historically has been, driven by student interest in the power of nutrition and how it relates to human health and disease. Integral in this acquisition of information is the medical profession’s responsibility to more fully understand this important connection and, more specifically, to better care for our patients utilizing this knowledge. Each session will be presented by faculty and guest lecturers who are leaders in the field of evidence-based nutrition.

    The lectures and information provided in the NiM series are the thoughts and opinions of the lecturers. That said, a Whole Foods Plant Based (WFPB) largely unprocessed diet is the basis of the NiM lecture series. By gaining exposure to various types of science based nutrition therapies including a WFPB diet you will be provided with the knowledge to understand and treat those who follow a mainly unprocessed whole plant food lifestyle. The content of these lectures may be emotionally triggering. You are the best judge of your well-being and what works best for you and your future patients.

    2023-2024 Sessions

    Session 1: Changing the Practice of Medicine…One Bite at a Time

    Session 2: Foods that Fight Cancer

    Session 3: Utilizing Technology and Lifestyle Medicine to Harness Healthy Habits

    Session 4: Vegan Recipe Demonstrations!

    Session 5: What I Wish I Learned in Medical School About Nutrition

    Session 6: Brain Health & Alzheimers Disease

    2024 we have decided to incorporate vegan recipe demonstrations into each NiM session. Below is the reference for all of the demonstrated recipes!
    NiM Cookbook

    2022-2023 Sessions

    2021-2022 Session Recordings

    2020-2021 Session Recordings

    CVM Students: please be mindful of differences in species-specific nutrition and disease vulnerability. If you have questions about how this COMP/COMP-NW lecture series is aligned with the DVM program, please do not hesitate to contact either Dr. Linde or Dr. Melgarejo (both CVM faculty members), who contribute to the NiM lecture series with content expertise in ‘One Medicine-One Health’.

  • Yoga Mindfulness Meditation Resources

    Body Scan (meditation)
    Intermediate Yoga Flow
    Sun Salutation A (yoga)
    Sun Salutation B (yoga)


  • Additional Nutrition Resources


    Recipe Resources


  • Fitness Resources




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