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At COMP-Northwest, students utilize the latest technology to learn compassionate, patient-centered health care. Yet the student experience extends beyond the four walls of the classrooms and labs. Our students build strong connections to the community and embrace a healthy lifestyle including nutrition, movement, and the great outdoors.

Who Are We?

Our students are authentic, humble, team players and collaborators. We are brave, enthusiastic, and curious. We are united in our heartfelt care for each and every patient we serve.

Abiqua Falls

Nature’s wonders Abiqua Falls

Forests cover more than 30.5 million acres of Oregon – nearly half the state. Adventurous students can hike along trails to access gorgeous waterfalls and natural beauty, such as Abiqua Falls in Santiam State Forest.

For the Outdoor Enthusiast

  • Photo of Double Silver waterfall Silver Falls State Park – Double Falls
  • WesternU Oregon Mt. Hood National Forest
  • Painting of hills in Oregon John Day Fossil Beds – the Painted Hills Unit
  • Photo of horizon with sun behind the clouds Newport, Oregon
  • Photo of Cheadle Lake in Lebanon, Oregon Cheadle Lake
  • WesternU Health Oliver Station in Portland, Oregon.

    WesternU Health Oliver Station

    WesternU clinics and physicians have provided primary care and multi-specialty care with an appreciation of each patient as a person – a neighbor, a friend, a family member – rather than a diagnosis or a set of test results. Even as we bring modern diagnostic techniques and evidence-based treatment, we never lose the focus on the humanity of each person that walks through our doors.
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    Community Engagement

    At COMP-Northwest, the emphasis is on caring. The faculty, staff, students, and the community truly care for one other and watch out for the others’ best interests. COMP-Northwest students and the community develop strong relationships built upon a foundation of trust and caring.
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    COMP NW Campus

    Medical Anatomy Center COMP-Northwest

    The Medical Anatomy Center is an important organization that will advance the teaching and learning of Anatomy across both medical education and clinical practice. Brion Benninger, MD, MSc, is the founding Executive Director of the Medical Anatomy Center. Dr. Benninger is a recognized scholar, having co-edited the leading texts in Medical Anatomy and published hundreds of manuscripts that advance the science and education of Anatomy.