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The College of Pharmacy celebrates the accomplishments of our faculty, staff, students, and alumni. See our posts below to learn more about the many ways our College contributes to knowledge creation, research, service to our communities, and service to our profession.

  • Accomplishments for November 2022

    Accomplishments of PPAD faculty at the California Society of Health-System Pharmacists (CSHP) Seminar 2022:

    Poster Presentations

    Drs. Jignesh Patel and Patrick Chan along with a current student and an alumni presented 2 posters:

    Patel JH, Mata K, Trujillo N, Lam L, Vang N, Chan P. Evaluation of midodrine, octreotide, and albumin (MOA) therapy in patients with hepatorenal syndrome.

    Tran I, Lam P, Chan PPatel JH. Evaluation of Medications in the Treatment of AWS and the Association to Future Alcohol-Related Readmissions.

    Dr. Rachel Ryu, along with 2 WesternU alumni presented the following poster

    Gutierrez A (CO 2022), Huynh A (CO 2022), Ryu R. Potential Cost Savings of Clinical Pharmacist Interventions During Multidisciplinary Rounds.

    Oral Presentations

    Dr. John Andraos presented on “Semaglutide for Obesity – A New Emerging Medication in an Old but Growing Disease”.

    Dr. Joelle Ayoub gave a presentation in student programing, “Conquering the Curriculum Vitae”.

    Drs. Joelle Ayoub and Mark Nguyen gave a presentation together: “The Rise of Continuity of Care in COPD Management”.

    Dr. Janice Hoffman gave 2 presentations with alumni:

    Hoffman J & Oganesyan A: “Preparing for the Tsunami of Older Persons: Opportunities fir Pharmacists” and

    Zatarain D, Oganesyan A, Hoffman J: “Medication Safety: The Pharmacist Role in Reducing Anticholinergic Burden for Older Adults”.

    Dr. Rachel Ryu was invited to speak along with her pharmacist colleagues from UC Irvine, Stanford, VA San Diego, and Kaiser Permanente at a roundtable session that was called “New Practitioner Growing Pains, Presented by the CSHP New Practitioner Executive Committee.”

    Committees, Board, and Other Participation

    Dr. Rachel Ryu represented CSHP’s Inland chapter as a Board Member, as well as a member of CSHP’s New Practitioner Executive Committee and Membership Committee (state-wide).

    Awards and Recognition:

    Harriet K. and Philip Pumerantz Award for Leadership and Service

    Dr. Preeti Kotha’s leadership and service were evident during the COVID-19 pandemic. She helped roll out over 35,000 vaccine doses to WesternU as well as the surrounding communities such as Pomona Unified School District, CalPoly, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center and La Verne University. She has fostered interprofessional education and practice during this important vaccine campaign. She has been recognized by the City of Pomona for her services to the homeless and underserved communities. Her efforts also resulted in the receipt of grant funds for vaccine procurement and administration. Dr. Kotha embodies the WesternU Way of science, caring and humanism.

    Provost’s Distinguished Scholar Award

    Dr. Anandi Law has been an educator/researcher for over 20 years at WesternU. She has to her credit over 70 peer-reviewed articles, 96 peer-reviewed presentations, 9 book chapters and 3 reports, and serves as editor-in-chief, associate editor, and manuscript reviewer for research journals. She has been credited with the development of innovative practice/payment models. Dr. Law has received funding from the community pharmacy foundation. Her scholarly work has addressed pharmacist services, patient reported outcomes, methodology, and teaching modalities.

    PPAD was well represented at the American College of Clinical Pharmacy 2022 Global Conference in San Francisco in October!

    Dr. Tiffany Tran presented her posted entitled “Rationale and Methods for the Metabolic Adverse Effects of Low-Dose Quetiapine (MAEL-Q) Study” as part of the ACCP MeRIT Program.

    Drs. Moses Chow and Sheryl Chow presented a poster of their clinical study entitled “Comparison of Pharmacokinetics of Vardenafil Administered Using an Intranasal Spray Formulation Vs. Single 10mg Oral Tablet”.  Other co-authors of the study are Dr. Jeffrey Wang from PSD, Amy Paik, Stan Louie, Airani Sathananthan, and Stephanie White.

    Dr. Hyma Gogineni, on behalf of her team (faculty Drs. Jeff Wang, Patrick Chan, Ying Huang, WesternU alum Dr. Hajer Ibrahim, and WesternU student pharmacist Angela Mercado [CO 2023]), she received the Top Trainee Research in Progress for the study “Impact of Bariatric Surgery on Pharmacokinetics of Psychotropic Medications” by the Adult Medicine Walk Rounds Committee.

    Dr. Sheryl Chow was an invited speaker for the presentation: “Telepharmacy Managing Medical Safety and Adherence in Heart Failure Patients“ in the session titled Update on Heart Failure Drug Therapies: 2022 Edition.

    Dr. Anne Kugler served as a poster judge for the Endocrine and Metabolism PRN.

  • Accomplishments for October 2022

    Awards and Recognition

    The California Association of Long Term Care Medicine (CALTCM) is an interdisciplinary, professional organization that advocates for quality of care in the continuum of long term care for older adults. CALTCM includes California physicians, medical directors, nurses, pharmacists, administrators, and other professionals working in long-term care as its members, with the majority of members being physicians.  At this meeting, Dr. Janice Hoffman started her term as the FIRST non-physician President of CALTCM.


    Prince A, Sabio Y, Effron L, … Darnell D, … et al. Facing the digital divide: increasing video visits among Veterans experiencing homelessness. Ann Fam Med 2022;20:486.

    Law AV, Sanchez DF, Hata M, Hsu DI. The Critical Role of the Pharmacist in the Global COVID-19 Pandemic. In: Contemporary Issues in Global Medicine and Moving Toward International Healthcare Equity. IGI Global, June 2022.

    Moon J, Jackevicius C. Evidence-based appraisal of the EMPEROR-Preserved Trial. J Contemp Pharm Pract 2022;69:13-17. Click here to read the article.

    WesternU Postdoc alum Dr. Amanda Mercadante recently published an article with her former director, Dr. Anandi Law – Khare M, Zimmerman K, Kazungu F,…Mercadante AR, Law AV et al. COVID-19 Vaccine Attitudes and Barriers Among Unvaccinated Residents in Rural Northern/Central Illinois. Ethnicity and Disease 2022, 32(4):305-314. Click here to read the article.

    Bugarin P (2022),  Zatarain D (2021), Marco, N, Oganesyan A (WesternU alum 2013), Hoffman J.  “Economic Impact of Deprescribing Interventions Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic for Geriatric Patients Living Within the Skilled Nursing Facility”  This poster which was Patricia Bugarin’s, (PharmD 2022) Advanced Elective project won the “People’s Choice Award” as most interesting and liked poster at the conference.

    Dominique Zatarain PharmD (2021), PGY1 resident at WesternU/Los Angeles Jewish Health (LAJH) also won for her research project.  Zatarain D (2021), Oganesyan A (WesternU alum 2013), Marco N, Hoffman J. “Assessing the Impact of a Pharmacist-Led Medication Review on Reducing Anticholinergic Burden in Older Adults”

    Warner AL, Lu L, Ghaznavi Z, Jackevicius CA. Inpatient quality-of-care measures for heart failure: treatment gaps and opportunities in the contemporary era. Circulation Cardiovasc Qual Outcomes 2022;e008936.

  • Accomplishments for September 2022

    Awards and Recognition

    Congratulations to the following dedicated employees for their milestone years of service here:

    20 years: Mark Goggin

    15 years: Arbi Nazarian and Mark Nguyen

    Dr. David Sanchez, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences has been named our next Director of Diversity Equity and Inclusion. His appointment will be effective September 15, 2022. Dr. Sanchez brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area.

  • Accomplishments for August 2022

    Awards and Recognition

    Congratulations to the following dedicated employees for their milestone years of service here:

    15 years: Moses Chow and Micah Hata

    WesternU fellow and alum, Dr. Eunhee Kim won an award as one of the best trainee posters presented at the 2022 AACP Annual Meeting in Grapevine, Texas.  Dr. Kim’s poster was entitled, “Physician Perceptions of Pharmacists’ Roles in the Medication use process.”  Dr. Kim is completing her second year as the WesternU Health Outcomes Research Fellow under the guidance of Dr. Law.

    At the 28th Annual San Diego Heart Failure Symposium in July 2022, Dr. Sheryl Chow was an invited speaker for the sessions: Complementary and Alternative Medicines for Treating CV Disease; and was a panelist for the panel discussion: Reducing Risk of CV and CK Disease.

    Dr. Sheryl Chow was reappointed as a member of the AHA Council of Operations Committee (COC) for a 3 year term; and was appointed as co-Chair for the AHA Initiative for cardio-renal-metabolic (CRM) conditions. It’s purpose is to build a person-centered approach to creating healthier, longer lives for people at risk for or living with cardio-renal-metabolic (CRM) conditions by convening key opinion leaders, identifying areas for future research and implementation science and create a compendium that will support clinical treatment and management and address gaps.

    Congratulations to Drs. Ayoub, Chung, Gogenini, Hata, Hsu, Kotha, Law, Nguyen, Pon, Ryu, and Smith on their respective presentations (click here) at at the 123rd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, July 23-27, 2022.

    Dr. Julie Darnell gave these 2 invited presentations at the 123rd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, July 23-27, 2022:

    “Practice Ready. Team Ready. Digital Health Ready? Preparing Students for New and Emerging Roles.”

    “Don’t Reinvent the Wheel! How to Teach Digital Health Using Existing Clinical Patient Cases.”

    Moses S.S. Chow, PharmD and Hyma Gogineni, PharmD presented a plenary talk entitled: Therapeutics Grand Rounds: Pharmacy Practice and Research in the Age of AI: Management of Patient with Bariatric Surgery at the 10th Asian Association of Schools of Pharmacy Conference, July 29-31, 2022 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    Ying Huang, MD, PhD was an invited speaker, presenting a lecture on “Topical Drug Delivery for Skin Diseases” at the 10th Asian Association of Schools of Pharmacy Conference, July 29-31, 2022 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


    Wong JC, Lau CT, Yousif MM, Luga JM. Fast Tracking – Vaccine Safety, Efficacy, and Lessons Learned: A Narrative Review. Vaccines 2022;10:1256. DOI: Of note, the journal Vaccines has an impact factor of 4.961.  Please see attached and via the link:

    Ayoub J, Pon D, Nguyen M, Kugler A, Gogineni H, Kang J, Hsu D, Chung E. A longitudinal integrative course series to prepare students for advanced pharmacy practice experiences. INNOVATIONS 2022;13(2), Article 12 DOI:  

  • Accomplishments for July 2022

    Awards and Recognition

    Congratulations to the following dedicated employees for their milestone years of service here:

    15 years: David Pham
    10 years: Anne Kugler and Jennifer Sandoval
    5 years: Simon Bulley and Preshita Desai

    Dr. Anandi Law was appointed to 3 national committees – 2022-23 APhA-APRS (Academy of Pharmaceutical Research and Science) Policy Standing Committee, 2022-2023 AACP Professional Affairs Committee and the AACP COD/COF Faculty Workload Reimagined Joint Task Force.


    Law AV, Lee S. Survey Research in Pharmacy Settings. In: Aparasu RR, Bentley JP, Pate AN. eds. Student Handbook for Pharmacy Practice Research: A Companion Book to Conduct Practice-Based Research in Pharmacy. McGraw Hill; 2022. Accessed July 16, 2022.

    Anandi V. Law, Marcia M. Worley, Chapter 3 – Use of common models to inform and design pharmacy and health services research,  Editor(s): Shane P. Desselle, Victoria García-Cárdenas, Claire Anderson, Parisa Aslani, Aleda M.H. Chen, Timothy F. Chen, Contemporary Research Methods in Pharmacy and Health Services, Academic Press, 2022, Pages 37-47, ISBN 9780323918886,  URL for book:

    Chen C, Oelschlaeger P, Wang D, Xu H, Wang Q, Wang C, Zhao A, Yang K-W. Structure and Mechanism-Guided Design of Dual Serine/Metallo-Carbapenemase Inhibitors. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 2022;65(8):5954-74. doi: 10.1021/acs.jmedchem.2c00213.

    Dhungana R, Oelschlaeger P. Automated Class B Beta-Lactamase (BBL) Renumbering of NDM Enzymes. ASM Microbe 2022 In-Depth Symposium AAR07 Where do We Stand Now? The Continued Evolution of Beta-lactamases. 2022 June 9 – June 13; Washington DC.

    Brown D, Alcala H, Oelschlaeger PAndresen BT. Chapter Five – Polymorphisms in common antihypertensive targets: Pharmacogenomic implications for the treatment of cardiovascular disease. In: Campbell WB, Imig JD, editors. Advances in Pharmacology: Academic Press; 2022. p. 141-82. (Link to Abstract)

    Vaffis S, Patel M, Potisarach P, Warholak T, Law A, Comparison of the properties of the English and Spanish versions of the Patient Satisfaction with Pharmacist Services Questionnaire 2.0, Journal of the American Pharmacists Association (2022), doi:

  • Accomplishments for June 2022

    Awards and Recognition

    Congratulations to Dr. Arbi Nazarian on receiving an NIH National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) R15 grant for $429,000.  The three-year project, “Pain-induced Impulsivity in Rats and Its Mechanisms,” will explore the neurobiological mechanisms underlying pain-induced impulsivity, a cognitive factor that contributes to substance abuse and psychiatric comorbidities found in people with chronic pain. The project aims to examine the influence of gonadal hormones and various neurotransmitter systems on the formation and modulation of pain-induced impulsivity.

    PPAD Faculty Drs. Rachel Ryu, Janice Hoffman, and Emmanuelle Schwartzman who gave invited presentations at the CSHP Pacific Coast Preceptor Conference 2022 as follows:

    Dr. Rachel Ryu, Zywiec K, Ibrahim HG. Preceptor Pearls: A Roundtable Discussion on the Successes and Challenges of Preceptorship.
    Dr. Janice Hoffman: Introducing Geriatric Care to Student Pharmacists
    Dr. Emmanuelle Schwartzman: Pearls for a Successful ASHP Residency Accreditation/Re-Accreditation

    Dr. Shawn Smith was notified that Simba center received the Gold Quality Standard Rating achievement from the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics. This quality standard award reflects their commitment to providing high quality health care among the uninsured, homeless, and low-income in the High Desert community. Last year, they received a Bronze Rating as a first-year clinic, and have now been recognized with a Gold Rating! We are proud of his accomplishment and his work to meet the healthcare needs of low income, homeless, and uninsured.

    Dr. Shawn Smith was appointed to the City of Victorville Homeless Solutions Task Force as the Community Stakeholder representing Alcohol and Drug Services due to his involvement during the pandemic providing medical oversight for homeless shelters and his continued work providing primary care services to this population.  Dr. Smith’s expertise and service to this population is recognized by this appointment as he serves in this important role.

    Dr. Patrick Chan (PI) and his team, which includes Drs. Hyma Gogineni (PPAD), Ying Huang (PSD), Hajer Ibrahim (WesternU alum), Jeffrey Wang (PSD), and Zhijun Wang (Ketchum) were awarded an intramural grant for the study “Impact of vertical sleeve gastrectomy on the pharmacokinetics of antidepressants”.  Vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG), a type of gastric bypass surgery, is becoming increasingly popular to treat obesity and other chronic conditions. However, the impact of VSG on medications after surgery is unclear. The purpose of this project is to examine how VSG affects medications in rats and develop a model of how the medications may be affected in humans.  Dr. Chan will serve as PI, leading this important work on his collaborative research team.

    Dr. Ying Huang received a 5-year R01 grant from NIH/NCI for a total amount of $1,612,690.  The project entitled “Preventing UV-induced Immunosuppression and Skin Carcinogenesis with R-carvedilol”, will focus on the non-β-blocking enantiomer of a β-blocker, R-carvedilol, in preventing skin cancer linked to sunlight UV overexposure. The project’s goals are to determine the molecular targets, safety and efficacy of R-carvedilol against UV-mediated skin damage, inflammation, defective immunity and cancer development. Her research team includes co-investigators Dr. Bradley Andresen (COP), Dr. Jeffrey Wang (COP), postdoctoral fellow Dr. Ayaz Shahid (COP), pathologist consultant Dr. Cyrus Parsa (COMP) and external consultants Dr. Frank Meyskens and Dr. Kristen Kelly at the University of California, Irvine.


    Dr. Don Roosan, wrote an invited editorial in the journal Pharmacogenomics.  The editorial called for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives for the disadvantaged dementia population to improve medication therapy outcomes utilizing digital health. The paper focused on Dr. Roosan’s previous work on the Pharmacogenomics Cascade Testing (PhaCT) to reduce adverse drug events in a shareable informatics platform. The article can be accessed at:

    Ryu R, Tran R. DOACs in Mechanical and Bioprosthetic Heart Valves: A Narrative Review of Emerging Data and Future Directions. Clin Appl Thromb Hemost 2022;28:10760296221103578.

  • Accomplishments for May 2022

    Awards and Recognition

    Dr. Ryu represented California Society of Health-System Pharmacists (CSHP) New Practitioner Executive Committee (NPEC).   Ryu R, Zywiec K, Ibrahim HG. “Preceptor Pearls: A Roundtable Discussion on the Successes and Challenges of Preceptorship” [ACPE-accredited]. California Society of Health-System Pharmacists Pacific Coast Preceptor Conference. May 2022.

    Dr. Roosan was an invited speaker for a virtual 15th international conference on health informatics in February 2022, attended by participants from 30 different countries) to present on database development of the MedScrab app he developed.

    Dr. Simon Bulley received an AHA Institutional Research Enhancement Award (AIREA) award in the amount of $154,000, for his two-year project entitled, “The Role of Aquaporins in Resistance-Sized Arteries”.  The project will explore the effects of dehydration on the expression and functions of aquaporins in resistance-sized artery vascular smooth muscle cells.  The three aims of the project are (1) to see the effect of dehydration and water restrictions on aquaglyceroporin expression and function in resistance-sized arteries, 2) to determine whether estrogen regulates aquaglyceroporin expression and function in females, and (3) to measure the effect of glycerol pretreatment on aquaglyceroporin expression in resistance-sized arteries.


    Mercadante AR, Chu V, Chen AMH, Wong JC, Khare MM, Law AV. COVID-19 behavioral questionnaire (CoBQ): Comparing the pandemic’s impact on health behavior in three US states. J Am Coll Clin Pharm. 2022;1‐9. doi:10.1002/jac5.1625 link

    Dr. Sheryl Chow was invited to be part of 2 writing groups for AHA guidelines and scientific statements.  Based on the prior AHA Presidential Advisory paper (presidential advisory) she led on the impact of opioid use on heart and brain health, she was invited to give expert commentary on a recently published article in Circulation on opioid prescriptions after heart device procedures.  link 

    Roosan D, Wu Y, Tran M, Huang Y, Baskys A, Roosan MR. Opportunities to integrate nutrigenomics into clinical practice and patient counseling. Eur J Clin Nutrition 2022 Apr 20:1-9.  link

    Roosan D, Wu Y, Tatla V, Li Y, Kugler A, Chok J, Roosan MR. Framework to enable pharmacist access to health care data using Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. J Am Pharm Assoc 2022. Published online February 28, 2022. link

    Roosan D, Chok J, Baskys A, Roosan MR. PGxKnow: a pharmacogenomics educational HoloLens application of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Pharmacogenomics J 2022. Published online January 27, 2022. link 

    Dr. Roosan coauthored a book chapter on his work about pharmacogenomics and CYP 450 variant selection.  Agúndez, J. A. G., García-Martín, E., eds. (2022). Insights in Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics: 2021. Lausanne: Frontiers Media SA. doi: 10.3389/978-2-88976-103-6

    Hoi Y, Reinert A, Bulley S. The function of beta3-adrenergic receptors in resistance-sized arteries. Experimental Biology; 2022 April 2-5; Philadelphia, PA.

  • Accomplishments for April 2022

    Awards and Recognition

    Dr. Micah Hata for being recognized as a fellow of the California Pharmacists Association (FCPhA)!  The FCPhA designation is an honor and it signifies that the recipient has made significant contributions to CPhA and to the profession of pharmacy that go far beyond regular pharmacy practice. To become eligible as a Fellow of CPhA, the candidate should demonstrate sustained contributions and excellence in pharmacy practice, professional leadership, teaching, professional advocacy and community engagement.


    Ho A, Younis I, Le QA. Impact of biologics on health-related quality of life in patients with Ankylosing spondylitis: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Semin Arthritis Rheum. 2022 19;54:151996.

  • Accomplishments for March 2022

    Awards and Recognition

    Congratulations to the following dedicated employees for their milestone years of service here:

    15 years: La Donna Tucker
    5 years: Jason Wong

    Dr. Don Roosan’s research team in collaboration with WesternU IT and Claremont Graduate University developed a digital health game application, called Medscrab, and are releasing a beta version of it. Medscrab is a scrabble-based game about medication information that is fun and intuitive. (Flyer attached.) Participants can play and learn about crucial medication information in an interactive mobile or web platform. The game is free to download from Apple or Android store for smartphones. The game can also be played online at You can learn about the game in this short video:

    Dr. Anandi Law was appointed to the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education (AJPE) as an Associate Editor. AJPE is a premier journal for pharmacy education scholarship and receives hundreds of requests for peer-review of manuscripts from around the world. In 2019, 530 manuscripts were submitted to the Journal with 480 undergoing peer review. Out of this, only 125 were accepted for publication (26% acceptance rate).   More information regarding her appointment is available here:

    Jeffrey Wang, PhD and his team on their NIH sub-award in the amount of $36,340. The WesternU team includes Research Scientist Preshita Desai, PhD as a Co-Investigator, and Dean Sunil Prabhu, PhD as Other Significant Contributor.  The team will work with University of Minnesota’s Masonic Cancer Center to conduct nano-formulation and bio-analysis experiments for their R01 research project entitled “Lung Cancer Prevention and Treatment by Targeting ALDH1 and CD44 Expressing Putative Lung Cancer Stem Cells”


    Dr. David Pham recently published the study entitled “Prevalence and Roles of Vice-Chairs in Schools and Colleges of Pharmacy” in the journal Pharmacy Education. This study was inspired when he was in the role of Vice-Chair for PPAD when Dr. Anandi Law was Department Chair. This was a collaboration with two other Vice-Chairs from local pharmacy schools, Dr. Karl Hess from Chapman University School of Pharmacy, who many of us know, and Dr. Joycelyn Yamzon from Marshall B. Ketchum College of Pharmacy.  This is the first pilot study of its kind that estimates the prevalence of Vice-Chair positions within U.S. schools and colleges of Pharmacy and describes their roles and responsibilities, including to support the Department Chair’s responsibilities and focus on specific departmental mentorship and developmental needs.

    Dr. Rachel Ryu was recently featured in a California Society of Health-System Pharmacists (CSHP) newsletter that is sent out to all CSHP members and is also published on their website. (Please see pages 1-2:  Dr. Ryu was invited to share her pharmacy journey, especially all of her service/involvement with CSHP.

    Sureshkumar K, Saenz A, Ahmad SM, Lutfy K. The PACAP/PAC1 Receptor System and Feeding. Brain Sciences. 2022;12(1):13. PubMed PMID: doi:10.3390/brainsci12010013.  Link to Article

    Singh PK, Lutfy K. The Role of Beta-Endorphin in Cocaine-Induced Conditioned Place Preference, Its Extinction, and Reinstatement in Male and Female Mice. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience. 2021;15. doi: 10.3389/fnbeh.2021.763336. Link to Article

    Dr. Kabir Lutfy served as a co-editor for Frontiers Research Topic “The Role of Neuropeptides in Drug Addiction and Other Psychiatric Disorders”.  Dr. Lutfy edited three papers and reviewed two of the 10 research articles.  Link to Frontier Research Topic

  • Accomplishments for February 2022

    Awards and Recognition

    Congratulations to the following dedicated employees for their milestone years of service here:

    10 years: Hyma Gogineni
    5 years: Karina Radford

    Dr. Shawn Smith applied for and was awarded a Care and Capacity grant!  The National Association of Free Clinics (NAFC) and CVS Health Foundation collaborated to provide funding for non-profit organizations to address social determinants of health, expanding capacity building & volunteers, and COVID support. Symba Center was awarded $30,000.

    The funding request will be primarily directed towards implementing a behavioral health program at five homeless shelters in Victorville, CA. A community development director will be hired to help build relationships between mental health providers and local homeless shelter agencies where Symba Center provides services. This grant will also allow the ability to establish a telehealth system for patients and providers to utilize. Lastly, funding will allow the Center to purchase additional COVID tests that are imperative to continuing their COVID-19 prevention and mitigation efforts at the facilities.

    Dr. Daniel Robinson has been awarded the UCSF School of Pharmacy “Distinguished Alumni Award” for 2022! The alumni event is scheduled over two days, on April 29-30, at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco. He has also been invited to give an acceptance speech in recognition of this honor.


    Dr. Janice Hoffman recently published in Senior Care Pharmacist journal as senior author! The study (PDF attached) entitled “The impact of a pharmacist-led hypertension medication management program in older people in a skilled nursing facility” found that patients had improvements in one of the primary outcomes: diastolic blood pressure, and in a secondary outcome: greater deprescribing, with positive signals in other secondary outcomes.

  • Accomplishments for January 2022

    Awards and Recognition

    Dr. Janice Hoffman received her recertification as a Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist (BCGP)! Her board certification is an external recognition of her expertise in the area of geriatric pharmacotherapy.

    Dr. Cynthia Jackevicius was named Preceptor of the Month for Greater Los Angeles VA Pharmacy Department via an anonymous nomination process.


    Dr. Hyma Gogineni published the following study that was conducted as an Advanced Elective Project with WesternU alum (CO 2019), Dr. Hajer Ibrahim (currently serves as an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Administration at WesternU), and with former WesternU Assistant Professor, Dr. Benjamin Malcolm.

    Shah SP, Dixit NM, Mendoza K, Entabi R, Meymandi S, Balady-Bouziane N, Chan P. Integration of clinical pharmacists into a heart failure clinic within a safety-net hospital. J Am Pharm Assoc (2003). 2021 Nov 14:S1544-3191(21)00473-8. doi: 10.1016/j.japh.2021.11.012. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 34896014.

    Shurrab M, Ryu R, Jackevicius CA. Off-label direct oral anticoagulant dosing: caution advised. Circulation Cardiovasc Qual Outcomes 2021; published online ahead of print.  The editorial discusses a meta-analysis that published in the journal regarding clinical outcomes with off-label under and over-dosing of DOACs in AFib. It highlights and summarizes the harms of using off-label dosing, which is very common in practice, and advises caution with this approach.

    Chen G, Ghazal M, Rahman S, Lutfy K. Chapter Two – The impact of adolescent nicotine exposure on alcohol use during adulthood: The role of neuropeptides. In: Bell RL, Rahman S, editors. International Review of Neurobiology: Academic Press; 2022. p. 53-93. Link to Abstract

    Nielsen TB, Yan J, Slarve M, Lu P, Li R, Ruiz J, Lee B, Burk E, Talyansky Y, Oelschlaeger P, Hurth K, Win W, Luna BM, Bonomo RA, Spellberg B, Monack D. Monoclonal Antibody Therapy against Acinetobacter baumannii. Infection and Immunity. 2021;89(10):e00162-21. doi: doi:10.1128/IAI.00162-21. Link to Abstract

    Dr. Cynthia Jackevicius was a co-Guest Editor (along with Dr. Bill Baker from UConn) for a Special Theme issue for the journal Pharmacotherapy (ACCP’s official journal) on Advances in Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy that was published as the December 2021 issue of the journal:

    Here is a link to her editorial in the themed issue introducing the papers:

    There is also a podcast where Dr. Baker and she are interviewed:

    Rahman S, Rahman ZI, Ronan PJ, Lutfy K, Bell RL. Chapter Five – Adolescent opioid abuse: Role of glial and neuroimmune mechanisms. In: Bell RL, Rahman S, editors. International Review of Neurobiology: Academic Press; 2022. p. 147-65. Link to Abstract

  • Accomplishments for December 2021

    Awards and Recognition

    Dr. Shawn Smith received a $15,000 grant from the Kaiser Foundation Hospitals Community Benefit Charitable Contributions Program to expand chronic disease management for uninsured High Desert residents. This program will serve an important need to improve the health of residents in the High Desert community.

    Dr. Shawn Smith was also appointed to serve on the California Pharmacists Association (CPhA) Education Advisory Committee (3-year term). The committee is responsible for: planning educational programming at Western Pharmacy Exchange, including review of the proposed educational programs/speakers and, if necessary, suggesting topics/speakers that were not submitted through the formal proposal process; reviewing and approving abstract submissions at Western Pharmacy Exchange; and providing input on current pharmacy related educational topics/trends.

    Dr. Tiffany Tran passed the board certification exam to become a Board Certified Psychiatric Pharmacist (BCPP), a testament to her advanced knowledge and expertise in psychiatric pharmacotherapy! Our P2 students will be fortunate to have her teaching them in the Spring Term!


    Dr. Sheryl Chow has once again had a strong presence at this year’s American Heart Association Annual Scientific Sessions.  Dr. Chow served on the AHA Committee on Scientific Sessions Program (CSSP) and was appointed as the lead for the HF and Cardiomyopathy programming at the 2021 AHA Annual Sessions (held virtually this year).  She also served as AHA abstract reviewer and also led the HF and Cardiomyopathy abstract poster slotting this year.  Due to the high quality of her work, she has been invited next year again to lead this important responsibility at Sessions.


    Nandkeolyar S, Doctorian T, Fraser G, Ryu R, et al. Predictors of In-hospital Mortality in Cardiogenic Shock Patients on Vasoactive or Inotropic Support. Clinical Medicine Insights: Cardiology. 2021. doi:10.1177/11795468211049449 Publication link:

    Park B (C2021), Stone R (PGY-1 Geriatrics 2021), Oganesyan (C2013) A, Smith R, Marco N, Hoffman J. “Evaluating Use of Psychoactive Medications During COVID-19 Isolation in Elderly Residents Living in a SNF” American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, San Diego CA, November 2021.

    Zatarain, D (C2021) Stone R (PGY-1 Geriatrics 2021), Oganesyan A (C2013), Smith R, Marco N, Hoffman J. “A Quality Assurance Study of Osteoporosis Medication Management per AACE guidelines on Older Persons in a SNF” American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, San Diego CA, November 2021.

  • Accomplishments for November 2021

    Awards and Recognition

    Dr. Sheryl Chow was the recipient of the 2021 ACCP Cardiology PRN Service Award (award was given November 3 2021) for her more recent contributions to the American Heart Association (AHA) along with history of service to the Cardiology PRN as secretary, vice-chair, chair, and liaison between ACCP and other cardiology institutions on collaborative programming and papers.

    Dr. Sheryl Chow served as invited judge for 2021 Best Poster in original research at ACCP’s poster session on October 19, 2021.  This team of 4 judges reviewed e-posters and conducted Q&A with investigators to determine the winner and runner up.

    Dr. Cynthia Jackevicius, Interim Chair, PPAD has received two prestigious awards during the recent ACCP Cardiology PRN on Nov 3, 2021:

    Distinguished Investigator Award – This award is given to a member who has demonstrated extraordinary contributions to original research in cardiovascular pharmacotherapy.

    Outstanding Paper of the Year Award – (this is the second time Dr. Jackevicius has received this Award – prior year received was in 2017)  This award is given to the best paper of the year based on these criteria: significance to cardiovascular pharmacotherapy, including originality, clinical relevance, and ability to advance clinical practice or research, as well as methodological rigor and impact of the journal in which is it published.


    Nandkeolyar S, Doctorian T, Fraser G, Ryu R, et al. Predictors of In-hospital Mortality in Cardiogenic Shock Patients on Vasoactive or Inotropic Support. Clinical Medicine Insights: Cardiology. 2021. doi:10.1177/11795468211049449  Publication link:


    Dr. Janice Hoffman and her research team, presented 2 studies at the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists meeting recently in San Diego:

    Park B (C2021), Stone R (PGY-1 Geriatrics 2021), Oganesyan (C2013) A, Smith R, Marco N, Hoffman J. “Evaluating Use of Psychoactive Medications During COVID-19 Isolation in Elderly Residents Living in a SNF” American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, San Diego CA, November 2021. 

    Zatarain, D (C2021) Stone R (PGY-1 Geriatrics 2021), Oganesyan A (C2013), Smith R, Marco N, Hoffman J. “A Quality Assurance Study of Osteoporosis Medication Management per AACE guidelines on Older Persons in a SNF” American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, San Diego CA, November 2021. 


    PPAD Faculty had a strong presence at the California Society of Health-System Pharmacists Seminar 2021 as shown by the following activities:

    Invited Presentations/Panels

    Dr. Joelle Ayoub presented in Student Programming “Assembling a Valiant CV: A Curriculum Vitae Workshop”

    Dr. Janice Hoffman co-presented 2 sessions with Aida Oganesyan (Class of 2013):  “Gender Disparities: An Update on Osteoporosis in Postmenopausal Women and the Prevention of Mechanical Falls”  and “Treatment Options for Non-motor Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease”

    Dr. Mark Nguyen presented: “Are Corticosteroids a Marvel in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)?”

    Dr. Rachel Ryu presented “Thrombosis Prevention in Valvular Heart Disease: What is the Role of Direct-Acting Oral Anticoagulants?”  And was part of a panel discussion: “Career Transition Discussion” that was presented by the CSHP New Practitioner Executive Committee

    Dr. Emmanuelle Schwartzman presented “Pearls for a Successful ASHP Residency Accreditation/Re-Accreditation”

    Poster Presentations

    Rho Chi Poster: Ly T (CO 2022), Lee S (CO 2022), Low J (CO 2022), Nguyen H (CO 2022), Tabirara Y (CO 2022), Ton I (CO 2022), Schwartzman E, Law A. Student Pharmacist Knowledge, Opinion and Perception to Educate Patients about CBD. Poster to be Presented at CSHP Seminar, November 2-5, 2021

    Gogineni HP, Ryu R, Chung EP, Pon D. Student Perceptions of a Virtual Interactive Academic Learning (VIAL) Model in an Integrated Doctor of Pharmacy Course. California Society of Health-System Pharmacists (CSHP) Seminar. November 2021.

    Dr. Patrick Chan had 6 poster presentations, in which WesternU student pharmacists from 4 different classes (Classes of 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023)  participated! The first poster was also co-authored by College of Pharmacy Faculty member, Dr. Shawn Smith.

    1.       Ekmekciyan K (CO2023), Kono S (CO2023), Medina S (CO2023), Mendoza L (CO2023), Nguyen C (CO2023), Nguyen T (CO2023), Tran Y (CO2023), Vue P (CO2023), Chan P, Smith S. Prevalence of Burnout in California Pharmacy Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic. California Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists Seminar, November 2021, Anaheim, CA

    2.       Liu J (CO2021), Varona J (CO2021), Jeong A (CO2020), Hsieh J (CO2020), Balady-Bouziane N, Chan P. Association of Discharging Patients with Bipolar Disorder with an Antipsychotic on Future Alcohol-related Readmissions in Patients with Depression. California Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists Seminar, November 2021, Anaheim, CA

    3.       Varona J (CO2021), Liu J (CO2021), Moradi-Masihi A (CO2020), Kevani M (CO2020), Balady-Bouziane N, Chan P. Association of Discharging Patients with Depression Patients on an Antidepressant on Future Alcohol-Related Readmissions. California Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists Seminar, November 2021, Anaheim, CA

    4.       Szczeblowski G (CO2022), Roman D (CO2022), Tran M (CO2023), Balady-Bouziane N, Chan P. Association of Discharging Patients with Bipolar Disorder with an Antipsychotic on Future Cocaine or Amphetamine-Related Readmissions. California Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists Seminar, November 2021, Anaheim, CA

    5.       Tran M (CO2023), Szczeblowski G (CO2022), Roman D (CO2022), Balady-Bouziane N, Chan P. Association of Discharging Patients with Schizophrenia with an Antipsychotic on Future amphetamine/cocaine-related ER visits. California Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists Seminar, November 2021, Anaheim, CA

    6.       Roman D (CO2022), Tran M (CO2023), Szczeblowski G (CO2022), Balady-Bouziane N, Chan P. Association of Discharging Patients with Bipolar Disorder with an Antipsychotic on Future amphetamine/cocaine-related ER visits. California Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists Seminar, November 2021, Anaheim, CA

    Committee, Board and Other Participation

    Dr. Janice Hoffman participated in the Geriatric Practice Care Council

    Dr. Emmanuelle Schwartzman, along with the PGY1 residents and Program Directors participated in the Annual CSHP Residency Showcase

    Dr. Mark Nguyen represented the CSHP BOD throughout Seminar and also judged the Clinical Skills and Quiz Bowl competitions.

    Dr. Rachel Ryu represented the Inland Regional Chapter of CSHP (ISHP) as the Membership Committee Chair, and as a board member of the following committees: CSHP New Practitioner Executive Committee, CSHP Membership Committee, and CSHP Council on Professional Affairs.

  • Accomplishments for October 2021

    Awards and Recognition

    Dr. Mark Nguyen presented a poster at the CHEST conference, which is the national scientific meeting for the American College of Chest Physicians: Nguyen HM, Beltran A, Mac A, Tanios N. VTE Prophylaxis Strategies with Enoxaparin during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Chest 2021;160:4:A1420, with the abstract published online at Chest journal:

    Dr. Emmanuelle Schwartzman shared her expertise with OSCE at WesternU as an invited speaker for a webinar on October 25, 2021, held by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy and hosted by the AACP Assessment SIG, entitled: OSCEs as an Assessment Tool for Student Performance/Progression. The session discussed how WesternU and another pharmacy school have found unique ways to use OSCE in assessment.

    Dr. Anandi Law was an invited panelist for a panel discussion on October 21, 2021, called Pandemic-Related Publishing Challenges and Tips, which was held as part of the #RxWriting Challenge. She joined in her role as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Contemporary Pharmacy Practice, along with other editors of pharmacy journals to discuss this important issue.


    A.R. Mercadante, S. Lee, K. Uh, A. Chau, U. Truong, A. Jeong, M. Hata, A.V. Law. Impact of adherence goal awareness intervention on PDC in various settings: Does awareness help modify medication-taking behavior?, Exploratory Research in Clinical and Social Pharmacy, Volume 4, 2021, 100072, ISSN 2667-2766,

    Dr. Janice Hoffman collaborated with Dr. Tina Meyer from WesternU College of Health Sciences to publish the article: Leadership education in professional and graduate schools. In R. Whitney & J.D. Collins (Eds.). New Directions for Student Leadership: No. 171. Advancing racial equity in leadership education: centering marginalized institutional contexts 2021: (pp 113-122). Wiley.

  • Accomplishments for September 2021

    Awards and Recognition

    Congratulations to the following dedicated employees for their milestone years of service here:


    Aya F. Ozaki, Harlan M. Krumholz, Freny Vaghaiwalla Mody, Tien T. Tran, Quan T. Le, Mai Yokota and Cynthia A. Jackevicius Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes.

    Drs. Roosan, Law, Kim and their research team published an article in npj Digital Medicine, entitled Scoping review: the empowerment of Alzheimer’s Disease caregivers with mHealth applications. Click here for the article.

  • Accomplishments for August 2021

    Awards and Recognition

    Congratulations to the following dedicated employees for their milestone years of service here:

    Dr. Preeti Kotha secured funding in the amount of $10,000 through CalVaxGrant, which is funded by California Department of Public Health (administered by Physicians for a Health California) in support of COVID-19 vaccination efforts in the community. Moreover, the application received and additional $1,000 given the high priority areas being served.

    Poster Presentations

    Dr. Shawn Smith attended the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists Annual Conference, and presented a 40-minute breakout session titled, “New Recommendations for Tobacco Cessation Treatment.”

    Nguyen NL (Class of 2021), Nguyen, ST (Class of 2021), Nguyen H, Gogineni HP. Impact of Limiting Short-Acting Opioids on Chronic Pain Management in Veterans at VA Loma Linda.

    Aljanabi R (Class of 2021), Mendoza K (Class of 2021), Uong S (Class of 2021), Gogineni HP. Innovative Teaching Methods During COVID-19: Pre-Recorded Video Lectures Vs. Virtual Case-Based Learning.


    Ozaki AF, Krumholz HM, Mody FV, Jackevicius CA. National trends in the use of sacubitril/valsartan. J Card Fail 2021;27:839-47.

    Jackevicius CA. A practical introduction to conducting and using case-control studies. J Amer Coll Clin Pharm 2021:DOI:10.1002/jac5.1501

    Cohen Sedgh R, Moon Jungyeon, Jackevicius CA. Neoplasm reports in food and drug administration adverse event reporting system following angiotensin receptor blocker recalls. Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes 2021.

    Chow SL (Chair), Sasson C (Vice Chair), Benjamin I, Califf RM, Compton WM, Oliva EM, Robson C, Sanchez, EJ, on behalf of the American Heart Association.  Opioid Use and Its Relationship to Cardiovascular Disease and Brain Health: A Presidential Advisory From the American Heart Association.  Circulation. 2021;144:00–00. DOI: 10.1161/CIR.0000000000001007. Click here for article.

  • Accomplishments for July 2021

    Awards and Recognition

    Congratulations to the following dedicated employees for their milestone years of service here:


    Dr. Anandi Law has been selected to serve as a delegate for the American Pharmacist Association, Academy of Pharmaceutical Research and Science (APhA-APRS). Dr. Law will be attending all APhA-APRS caucuses and APhA House of Delegate sessions. This is an honor and distinction as Dr. Law was chosen amongst all her peers to represent the Academy based on prior service. It is also a great opportunity to advocate for the profession. Her term began on July 21, 2021 and concludes on June 30, 2022.


    Lieu E, Mercadante AR, Schwartzman ELaw AV. Transitions of Care at WesternU Health: An Implementation Science Approach. RSAP (2021)

  • Accomplishments for June 2021


    Dr. Ryu and colleagues published a manuscript in Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis titled “Critical Analysis of Apixaban Dose Adjustment Criteria.” The authors examined each dosage adjustment criteria for the use of apixaban, and the associated clinical outcomes for the treatment of venous thromboembolism. The authors concluded that the rationale for reduced-dose apixaban for non-valvular atrial fibrillation (based on age >80 years, weight <60 kg, and SCr >1.5 mg/dl) appear arbitrary, as these criteria are not consistent with the cut-off points reported in clinical studies. After a thorough literature review including both pharmacokinetic and clinical data, the clinical relevance of applying the manufacturer-recommended dosing criteria requires additional analysis and further confirmation in well-designed randomized controlled trials.”

    Vu A, Qu TT, Ryu R, et al. Critical Analysis of Apixaban Dose Adjustment Criteria. Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis. 2021;27:16.

    Dr. Ryu also submitted a letter to the editor in response to the article “Thromboembolic events in atrial fibrillation: Different level of risk and pattern between peripheral artery disease and coronary artery disease,” published in Archives of Cardiovascular diseases. In her response, Dr. Ryu discussed the concern with censoring patients who were prescribed anticoagulants, and the need to provide such data to reduce bias in future studies.

    Ryu R. Letter to the editor: Response to “Thromboembolic events in atrial fibrillation: Different level of risk and pattern between peripheral artery disease and coronary artery disease,” by Yu-Sheng Lin, et al., 2021. Archives of Cardiovascular Diseases. 2021;114:176-186.

    Nandkeolyar S, Ryu R, Mohammed A, et al. A Review of Inotropes and Inopressors for Effective Utilization in Patients with Acute Decompensated Heart Failure. Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology.  2021 – Published Ahead of Print.

    Wagh PR, Desai P, Prabhu SWang J. Nanotechnology-Based Celastrol Formulations and Their Therapeutic Applications. Frontiers in Pharmacology. 2021;12(1292). doi: 10.3389/fphar.2021.673209.

    Continuing Education

    Dr. Ryu provided an ACPE-accredited CE for CSHP on May 18, 2021 entitled: “2021 Updates to Heart Failure Management: Where do the New Drugs Get SQUEEZED In?” The program was very well-received with a high turnout rate. Dr. Ryu received a request to provide a similar talk through an educational event for a CSHP affiliate chapter in Northern California this fall.

  • Accomplishments for May 2021

    Awards and Recognition

    Congratulations to the following dedicated employees for their milestone years of service here:

    25 years: Julie Avila


    Maged Tanios, Huan Mark NguyenQuang A. Le, Hyunsoon Park, and John W. Devlin. Fentanyl- and midazolam-induced coma each influence days of mechanical ventilation and 28-day mortality: a post hoc analysis of a randomized controlled analgosedation trial. Intensive Care Med.

    David J. Sanchez, Ph.D. is featured in American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy’s Academic Pharmacy Now discussing WesternU student pharmacists’ roles with social media to advocate for the COVID-19 vaccine. Cantlupe JA. Voicing Support for Vaccination. Academic Pharmacy Now. 2021 April 27;(2): 5-8. Link to Article

    Abdel-Qadir H, Singh SM, Pang A, Austin PC, Jackevicius CA, Tu K, Dorian P, Ko DT. Evaluation of the risk of stroke without anticoagulant therapy in men and women with atrial fibrillation aged 66 to 74 years without other CHADS2-VASc factors. JAMA Cardiol 2021;doi:10.1001/jamacardio.2021.1232. Published online May 19, 2021.

    Faheem M, Zhang CJ, Morris MN, Pleiss J, Oelschlaeger P. Role of Synonymous Mutations in the Evolution of TEM β-Lactamase Genes. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. 2021;65(6):e00018-21. doi: 10.1128/aac.00018-21. Link to Article

    Conference Presentations

    Anne KuglerMark NguyenJason Wong. Perspectives on Remote Rotations: An Interactive Panel Discussion. May 13th
    Please note, this session was moderated by 2016 alumni, Dr. Brandon Samson.

    Joelle AyoubErik SkoglundMark Nguyen. How to Maintain Resilience and Overcome Challenges of Virtual Experiential Learning. May 13th

    Emmanuelle Schwartzman. Precepting Pearls: Structuring Your Learning Experience to Support Student/Resident Success. May 15th

  • Accomplishments for April 2021

    Awards and Recognition

    Congratulations to the following dedicated employees for their milestone years of service here:

    5 years: Mario Jimenez

    Dr. David Jesse Sanchez on his R21 grant in the amount of $347,212 from the NIH National Cancer Institute for the project, “Disruption of Type I Interferon Induction by a KSHV Homologue of IPS-1”. Due to its proposed work on Kaposi’s Sarcoma, this project was awarded under a NIH notice of special interest on “High” Priority AIDS Research on AIDS-defining Cancers. This grant focuses on the discovery by Dr. Sanchez’s laboratory that KSHV, the virus that causes Kaposi’s Sarcoma, often in AIDS patients, has stolen and modified a gene from the human genome so the virus can block the activation of antiviral immunity.

    The aims of these studies will allow new avenues of therapy allowing the immune system to recover immune activity against this virus. With this grant, Dr. Sanchez’s laboratory in the College of Pharmacy has been awarded almost one million dollars in NIH funding to study the immune response to HIV and AIDS-associated malignancies.

    Dr. Sheryl Chow was recently invited by AHA to provide a 40-minute Q&A on the topic of opioids overdose and cardiac arrest. She currently serves on numerous AHA committees and is Immediate Past-Chair of the AHA Clinical Pharmacology Committee and Writing Group Chair of the AHA Presidential Advisory Paper on Opioids in the Management of Cardiovascular Disease and Brain Health. Naloxone and Pharmacy segment:

    Full 40 minute program:


    Dr. Don Roosan coauthored a paper entitled: SARS-CoV-2 early infection signature identified potential key infection mechanisms and drug targets. The link to the article can be found here:

    Ayoub J, McGregor JC, Castner RM, Singh H. Opportunities for successful de-escalation of proton pump inhibitors at a federally qualified health center. BMC Pharmacol Toxicol 22, 20 (2021).

    David Sanchez: Cantlupe JA. Voicing Support for Vaccination. Academic Pharmacy Now. 2021 April 27;(2): 5-8. Link to Article

  • Accomplishments for February 2021

    Awards and Recognition

    Dr. Ying Huang (PI), Dr. Brad Andresen (Co-I), Dr. Cyrus Parsa (Consultant; COMP), and Dr. Ayaz Shahid (Postdoctoral Fellow) on their $141,000 R03 NIH-National Cancer Institute grant, “Chemoprevention of lung cancer with the β-blocker carvedilol”. This two-year project addresses the unmet need of lung cancer, the deadliest type of cancer worldwide.

    Dr. Rachel Ryu, Sylvia Uong (PharmD 2021), and Edison Escobar (PharmD 2021) volunteered at Foothill Presbyterian Hospital as well as Pomona Valley Hospital to be in the front lines assisting with COVID vaccine administration. Their efforts were recognized and highlighted in a recent issue of InfoSource, California Society of Health-System Pharmacists newsletter.

    Dr. Maria Lambros (PI) received an NIH-National Cancer Institute R41 (Small Business Technology Transfer) Award in collaboration with DoricPharma. The $299,559 award entitled, “Using Targeted Lipid Nanoparticles to Deliver Chemotherapeutic Agents Against Pancreatic Cancer” will further develop the laboratory’s intellectual property of Targeted Lipid Nanoparticles.

    Arbi Nazarian, PhD was named a co-editor of the journal Neuropharmacology’s special issue on Vulnerabilities to Substance Abuse.

    Kabir Lutfy, PhD received a $50,000 contract with Astraea Therapeutics, LLC for the project entitled “Characterization of Nociceptin Ligands in Mouse Models of Reward”. The goal is to study the effects of a series of novel NOP/MOP bifunctional ligands and their effects on oxycodone reward.

    Kabir Lutfy, PhD received a $139,000 contract with Astraea Therapeutics, LLC for the project entitled “Validating the Nociceptin Receptor for Treating Craving and Withdrawal-associated Affect in Cocaine Addiction Pharmacotherapy”. The goal is to study the effect of NOP ligands on cocaine sensitization as well as on anxiety associated with cocaine withdrawal in mice. This project is a part of Astraea Therapeutics, LLC’s NIH NIDA U18 Grant Award.

    Dr. Anandi Law, the Associate Dean of Assessment for the College of Pharmacy, has had another successful ACCP Peer Review of her Research Fellowship in Health Outcomes. The peer-review committee found that Dr. Law’s program meets the ACCP Fellowship Guidelines and was given the full 5 year mark for her next review. Dr. Law has coordinated and managed a strong and well-admired fellowship program. Her program emphasizes research (75%) and teaching. This fellowship, established in 2003, was the first post-doc program in the COP. Since then, Dr. Law has graduated 7 health outcomes Fellows and is currently precepting her 9th Fellow. Her 8th fellow left the program early to pursue a career in industry. Her fellows have been involved in numerous publications and grants during their fellowships. In total, Dr. Law’s Fellows have published 25 journal articles, 49 posters/abstracts, and 2 book chapters with Dr. Law.

    Dr. Rachel Ryu has been selected as the Membership Committee Chair for the Inland Regional Chapter of the California Society of Health System Pharmacists. She will be installed tonight, Thursday, March 11th.


    Dr. Don Roosan’s publication in the August 2020 issue of The Pharmacogenomics Journal has been selected to be in the collection Readers Choice: The best of The Pharmacogenomics Journal 2020. The article titled “Pharmacogenomics Cascade Testing (PhaCT): a Novel Approach for Preemptive Pharmacogenomics Testing to Optimize Medication Therapy” is among the top 12 articles of 2020 for the journal.

    Jackevicius CA, Lu L, Ghaznavi Z, Warner AL. Bleeding Risk of Direct Oral Anticoagulants in Patients with Heart Failure and Atrial Fibrillation. Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes. Link to Abstract

    Cruz B, Carcoba LM, Flores RJ, Espinoza EJ, Nazarian A, O’Dell LE. Insulin restores the neurochemical effects of nicotine in the mesolimbic pathway of diabetic rats. J Neurochem. 2021 Jan;156(2):200-211. doi: 10.1111/jnc.15104. Epub 2020 Jul 22. PMID: 32562571; PMCID: PMC7749845. Link to Abstract

    Nazarian A, Negus SS, Martin TJ. Factors Mediating Pain-Related Risk for Opioid Use Disorder. Neuropharmacology. 2021:108476. Epub 2021/02/02. doi: 10.1016/j.neuropharm.2021.108476. PubMed PMID: 33524407. Link to Abstract

    Stephen CB, Arezoo C. Melatonin and Regulation of Immune Function: Impact on Numerous Diseases. Current Aging Science. 2020;13(2):92-101. doi: Link to Abstract

    Neshan M, Campbell A, Malakouti SK, Zareii M, Ahangari G. Gene expression of serotonergic markers in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of patients with late-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Heliyon. 2020;6(8):e04716. doi: Link to Abstract

    Fatemeh A, Farid D, Arezoo C, Farrokh A, Ghasem A. Characterization of Dopamine Receptor Associated Drugs on the Proliferation and Apoptosis of Prostate Cancer Cell Lines. Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry. 2021;21(9):1160-71. doi: Link to Abstract

    Chan P, Uchizono J. Chapter 2: Pharmacokinetics. In: Luu B, Kayingo G, McCoy V, eds. Advanced Pharmacology for Prescribers. New York, NY, USA: Springer Publishing; 2021.

    Uchizono J, Chan P. Chapter 3: Pharmacodynamics. In: Luu B, Kayingo G, McCoy V, eds. Advanced Pharmacology for Prescribers. New York, NY, USA: Springer Publishing; 2021.

    Sharon J, Gogineni HP, Ferry LH, Kim J, Kim R, Suppogu N, Wei J, Conn K, and Merz CN. Delayed Care of Microvascular Angina in a Bikini Healthcare System. Arch Clin Case Rep 2021; 2:120-124.

    Stojakovic A, Ahmad SM, Malhotra S, Afzal Z, Ahmed M, Lutfy K. The role of pituitary adenylyl cyclase-activating polypeptide in the motivational effects of addictive drugs.

    Nguyen K, Kanamori K, Shin CS, Hamid A, Lutfy K. The Impact of Sex on Changes in Plasma Corticosterone and Cotinine Levels Induced by Nicotine in C57BL/6J Mice. Brain Sciences. 2020;10(10):705. PubMed PMID: doi:10.3390/brainsci10100705.

    Nega S, Marquez P, Hamid A, Ahmad SM, Lutfy K. The role of pituitary adenylyl cyclase activating polypeptide in affective signs of nicotine withdrawal. Journal of Neuroscience Research. 2020;98(8):1549-60. doi:

    Smith SR, Ruiz CW, Ali S, et al. A pharmacist-led collaborative care model for cardiometabolic risk reduction: a case study. ADCES in Practice. Published online February 17, 2021.

  • Accomplishments for January 2021

    Awards and Recognition

    Congratulations to the following dedicated employees for their milestone years of service here:

    15 years: David Min and Renee Cook

    10 years: Quang Le

    5 years: Wesley Botello-Smith

    Dr. James Scott, Associate Dean for Experiential and Professional Affairs for the College of Pharmacy, is the new President-Elect for the California Society of Health-System Pharmacists. Through the years he has held many leadership positions in CSHP and has served on its Board of Directors.

    Dr. Don Roosan has been appointed to the FDA’s Network of Digital Health Experts (NoDEx) committee. NoDEx will support Digital Health Center of Excellence, the goal of which is to empower stakeholders to advance health care by fostering responsible and high-quality digital health innovation.

    The Rho Chi Gamma Sigma Chapter at WesternU has been selected as a 2019-2020 finalist for the Chapter Achievement Award! The winner will be determined on March 6th, 2021. This is the second time that the WesternU chapter has won this distinction. Congratulations to Dr. Emmanuelle Schwartzman for her mentorship and the 2019-2020 chapter officers for their hard work.


    Roosan D, Hwang A, Law AV, Roosan MR; The inclusion of health data standards in the implementation of pharmacogenomics systems: a scoping review, Pharmacogenomics 2020 21:16, 1191-1202

    Roosan D, Chok J, Karim M, Law AV, Baskys A, Hwang A, Roosan MR, Artificial Intelligence–Powered Smartphone App to Facilitate Medication Adherence: Protocol for a Human Factors Design Study; JMIR Res Protoc 2020;9(11):e21659, DOI: 10.2196/21659, PMID: 33164898, PMCID: 7683257

    Rogith D, Satterly T, Singh HM, Sittig DF, Russo R, Smith MW, Roosan D, Bhise V MBBS, Murphy DR. Application of Human Factors Methods to Understand Missed Follow-up of Abnormal Test Results. Appl Clin Inf. 2020;11(05):692–8.

    Mercadante AR, Law AV. Will They, or Won’t They? Examining Patients’ Vaccine Intention for Flu and COVID-19 Using the Health Belief Model. Res Social Adm Pharm 2020.

    Jackevicius CA. Evidence-Based Medicine in the COVID-19 Era. Can J Hosp Pharm 2021; 74(1):3.

    Aranda JP, Smith SR, Nguyen HN, Jap C, Gogineni HP. Virtual Physical Assessment Training During the COVID-19 Pandemic- Student Pharmacists’ Performance and Perceptions. Pharm Ed 2020; 20(2): 165-173.

    Dr. Dimittri Delevry (former outcomes fellow of Dr. Quang Le) and Dr. Eric Gupta recently published an article titled, “Bempedoic Acid: Review of a Novel Therapy in Lipid Management,” in the American Journal of Heath System Pharmacy. In this paper, Dr. Delevery and Dr. Gupta provided a review on the role of Bempedoic acid as an alternative for statin intolerant patients, or those who do not adequately achieve target LDL-C goal despite optimal statin therapy. Delevery D, Gupta EK. Bempedoic acid: Review of a novel therapy in lipid management. Am J Health Syst Pharm 2021; 78(2):95-104

    Dr. Anandi V. Law led a panel of speakers in an AACP webinar held on Jan 25, 2021 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM (ET). There were 217 registrants, 152 attendees at the GoTo webinar, and numerous questions that followed. 5 Key Steps for developing Well-Being among our Students Hosted by the Well-Being and Resiliency Community. Objectives: Understanding components of Well Being, Grit and a Growth Mindset. Assessment of Well Being, Grit and Mindset using validated tools. Planning a longitudinal program at our institutions in a step-wise, progressive and practical manner.